Saving up on Space? Try these Dining Room Furniture from Our Home

Curating your dining room furniture, can be quite overwhelming especially for those noobs who don’t have any experience in managing a household just like me. Ever since I was born, I used to live with my Mom and Grandmother and they would do all the budgeting, maintenance of the household and changing of all the home decors depending on what season it is of the year. These are just some of those challenges which might faze you once you enter another phase in your life, which is #adulting or when you decide to have a family of your own.

Image from Unsplash

There are lots of things to consider in your 1st dwelling space like the lighting fixtures, the working area, the bedroom and how to make it cozy and of course, for foodies like me the dining area is one of the most important part of our house since that’s when we all gather, regale each other of how our day went and share a common experience of consuming well cooked food.

So after doing some preliminary research on this, I have gathered here some tips and also furniture pegs from Our Home to make your dining area seem more spacious and aesthetically pleasing.

Purchase affordable multi-functional pieces, For small studio units, in condominiums just like ours, multi-use furniture is going to be your best friend. Your unit itself is a multi-use space, so it’s just fitting that your furniture pieces function the same way. From your ottoman stools which can save storage space since it functions both ways as a stool and a storage space to a coffee table which can also double as your dining table.

A Classic bar set with round stools made from MDF table top and solid wood table and chair legs. Open for ordering; delivery in 14-20 days.
Size: Table L86.5xW60xH90 cm
Chair D30xH59.5 cm

Install Smart Lighting, Choose lighting that can be attached to the walls or hung from above to save room on floor space. Swing-arm sconces also free up space on the floor and bring dimension to the walls, an ideal situation for small living rooms.

Consider other Shelving Options, Whether you inherit a place with already built in shelves, just like the second unit that we are currently renting in or you are making some renovations to a bare unit, try to consider floating shelves, for extra storage space. There are a lot of affordable options available online, you just have to choose the style and look that best fits your aesthetic and need. Or, build the bottom shelf so it has enough room to be an extra seating option. 

Add in some wallpaper, Wallpaper has long been known as a decidedly permanent house update. But over the last few years, tons of brands have come out with fully removable wallpaper that does no damage to the walls and can instantly bring life and personality to your rental. Check out some of these on online marketplaces and in Shoppee or Lazada and eat your heart out with all the cute and homey designs of their easy to remove and install wallpapers.

It will make it feel more like a home and less like a temporary living space, making this one of the best DIY apartment hacks.

Invest in movable pieces, This utility cart trolley facilitates moving food items to the dining table. Additionally, these multipurpose units help in saving many trips to the kitchen and also assist in reducing breakage. This is a great benefit since there will be reduced costs of buying new household items. Its durable shelves with stainless steel tubular frame support make these cart trolleys durable as well as consistent performers.  Many individuals who are familiar with this equipment usually find that they can actually use more than one. Having a number of different types of trolleys can allow the whole family to make use of them whenever they are needed. In case the kids get one to move their stuff around, they are more likely to put items away properly simply because using the trolley is a lot of fun. Handling utility cart trolleys is a pleasure whether you work in an office, hospital, garden, bank, etc.

A Scandinavian kitchen cart with drawer made from rubber wood top and pine wood for legs. Open for ordering; delivery in 14-20 days.
Size: L74xW50xH90 cm
A Modern Contemporary round bar cart with white glass and gold frame.ÊOpen for ordering; delivery in 14-20 days.
Size: L52.5XW52.5XH82.5cm

You can see their complete merchandise collection here.

For more practical, affordable and quality design pieces, do check out

Photos: Unsplash and from Our Home

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