Top Lessons I Learned from My First Year of Marriage

Well what do you know, it’s another year and another Valentine’s Day again. Even after the tumultuous year that was 2020, comes in a new year filled with hope and gratitude since we are still alive and breathing despite all the curveballs 2020 hurled towards us.

I am excited with what this year holds for us, not only with regards to my personal growth as a person, but also with what opportunities lies ahead of me in my career. So far, aside from maintaining my day job, I have also dabbled into online selling, got more active with blogging wherein I have so far been consistent in publishing at least 1-2 articles per week and have also got other side gigs in the form of being a content/ ghost writer and a resource person in a focus group discussion for a glossy but has now fully transitioned to a digital resource for fashion and style tips.

So before I digress again, let’s revert back to the original topic which is the things I have learned from my 1st year of marriage. A little back story here, since if you knew me from way back you would know that I grew up in a women dominated household wherein the women in our house had the voice, power and authority to wield the decisions. My Mom and my Grandmom basically raised us since my Dad and Mom separated formally when I was 9 years old. So being the closest to my Dad and the eldest, I was quite affected by their separation in a way that I decided that I would never be the “marrying type” and just settle in finding my own happiness and enjoy each moment as they come.

But I guess, all things change with time and despite not wanting to admit it to myself, I would like to think that in some ways my thinking has matured a little to welcome another person into my life and help him achieve our goals together. So without further ado, here are some of my top of mind things I learned from almost 5 years of being together as a couple and 1 year of marriage.

  • It’s the little things that count , Just last night, I was one of the guests in the Blogapalooza Friday night discussion wherein they guested 3 content creators, which was Me, Mariel and Myka. We then shared with the audience our own personal love stories and how we “knew” they were the one for us and what “traits” or “things” our SO does that makes us feel loved and appreciated. For me, I told them that it really is the little things that matter to me. From cooking me dinner or just whipping up a quick snack since my work is during the wee hours of the morning so that I have something to snack on while working, to being thoughtful and passing by my favorite coffee shop to get me my favorite iced coffee drink. For me, it really are those little things that eventually make a mark and make you remarkable as a person.
This was the Vday special of Blogapaolooza, you can check out the full replay here
  • Be supportive in each other’s growth , I would like to believe that I am a fairly independent person in my own right and even before I got together with KD, I was already busy doing my own thing. When I met him, I was already blogging on the side, selling stuff to my officemates as a side hustle, working full-time in the Corporate World and was already at the tail end of finishing my thesis for my post graduate degree. That said, I am very supportive also in his own quest for growth and I am amazed that he never stops trying to be a better man, employee, physician as he constantly reads up on new trends in the Digital Medicine sphere and enrolls himself in courses related to his line of work which he knows will benefit him in the long run. This mindset of his, is one of the things that I admire about him, his constant grit and perseverance to be better.
  • Constant communication is key , No relationship is ever perfect, we all have our personal struggles in our own relationships, whether it be friendships, your relationship with your siblings or your better half. I believe that to make things work, you both have to be aligned in your vision and maintain the lines of communication always open. Our first year was marred with a lot of fights, shouting matches and painful texts which were exchanged when our emotions and tempers got the best of us. But, we have to learn how to “mellow down” and “adjust” also to our partner. By now, I think that I get his pet peeves, the things that tick him off and the things that make him happy. So in a way, even if I am not really comfortable “submitting” I have to think of the other person as well and not just of my own personal interests since we would not move forward if we do not work as a team.
  • Have your own hustles or hobbies, Aside from being a physician by profession, KD also acts as a consultant for a start-up Company focused on Wellness and which offers Tele Consults with qualified MD’s on a regular basis. Being with his friends is also a big thing to him, so instead of hindering him to head out with his friends, its either I allow him with simple reminders like “don’t get too drunk or else you cannot drive” or “tell me who you are going out with and what time you are coming home” or I go with him and join him and his friends in their nights out. At the same time, aside from having a day job, I also dabble into various pursuits like “writing”, “blogging” and doing “social media management” for our small start-up and my online business. I know that KD is a very private guy, that’s the reason why he wasn’t really keen on me blogging before but now, I can see that he’s getting the hang of it. Allowing me to take photos as much as I can when we are out on dates so I can blog about it and even volunteering to drive me to my events. Small things like this means a lot, so I usually offer to pay for his gas or buy him a cup of coffee in exchange so it would not be a burden for him to drive me to my engagements.
  • Choose each other everyday, I asked KD, on how he knew that I was the one the other night that he was out with a friend, and he said that “I am usually prideful and pro- equality which means whatever I put in the table should be equally matched by you. However, with you I am willing to humble myself and compromise to make it work” This was honestly, one of the rare times that I realized that KD was indeed sweet! Haha. Cause he’s not really the mushy type of guy who would regale you with praises and sweet words to prove to you that he loves you. I guess, we all have our ways of expressing our feelings to our partners.

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