K-drama Review: Birth of a Beauty & A Healthy Milk Tea Discovery from PMS

The past few days just flew by so quickly and in just a few days we are turning again another leaf in our calendars and will be welcoming the 3rd month of the year which is March. The month, where a lot of our family members will be holding their birthdays.

That said, before I veer off from the topic again, let’s first discuss this K-drama that I have been binge-watching for a past few nights now. Since I cannot spend the whole day watching K-drama’s due to my other pressing priorities, I can only allot a couple of hours to binge watch which is around 3-4 hours daily which is more of less around 3-4 episodes since each episode lasts for an hour or more.

With one of my favorite drinks now while binge watching on Netflix

So for the past 3 days, I have tried to complete watching this series which talks about deep seated insecurities, finding your own independence, self-worth and finding love in the process of finding yourself.

I know that the premise of this drama, might bear an uncanny encounter with the one of 200 pounds beauty wherein the thought of getting plastic surgery and changing your outside appearance will magically solve all your issues for you and make you find your prince and live your happy ever after.

But, it’s more than all those superficial plot lines, it’s more about acceptance, loving yourself, flaws and all and rising up above the adversities that life may throw your way and how to emerge stronger by keeping your core values close and by staying authentic to who you are. Overall, it was a very light, comical and engaging romcom to watch.

This is not a recap on the episodes that I have watched since I don’t want to spoil all the fun but an overall reaction on the series. Check it out on Netflix.

Watching all these episodes may seem like a bore to me if I am not snacking on anything. May it be from crackers, to chips or just a slice of blueberry cheesecake I usually snack on something while keeping myself glued to the screen of my mobile. But now, I wanted to try out something different and chose a more healthier alternative which makes me seem more filled easily hence reducing my cravings and reducing my food intake.

Created by the Company called “PMS” – Primemost Marketing Services promotes health and wellness. Their products include PMS Green Coffee, collagen coffee, mangosteen coffee, tongkat-ali coffee, super c 500mg vitamin c juice, Lipo glow juice, PMS Beau-C sodium ascorbate, PMS tummy tuck detoxifying coffee, Sunnybear premium milktea.

I got acquainted with this brand when we attended the AVP Bloggers Event held at the Selah Garden Hotel, wherein they were one of the sponsors during the event.

All the invitees were given the chance to taste their Wintermelon Milktea, to be honest it tastes the same as the regular Wintermelon Milktea variants from our go-to milktea places, but what makes this brand different is it’s healthier ingredients which can offer you so much more than your regular sweet drink.

Amongst its components are the following, glutathione, collagen, chia seeds which aids in your digestion and makes you seem fuller. What’s even better is that it’s non-acidic which is perfect for those who have GERD like me, and you won’t really feel the guilt of taking in too much sweets and watching out for your blood glucose sugar since it uses stevia as its sweetener.

Trying out their different coffee and milk tea variants

Amongst their other flavors that they are currently serving and are also offering for franchising are the following:

  • Wintermelon Milktea
  • Okinawa Milktea
  • Thai Milktea
  • Hokkaido Milktea
  • Slimming Milktea
  • Whitening Milktea

To be honest, I actually like their green coffee variant since aside from it being flavorful, it tends to have that strong aroma and taste that can wake up my senses and make me wired throughout the day, for me to accomplish my on hand tasks for the day.

For more information on their product offerings you can contact them through the following numbers:

  • Globe: 0966-7812547
  • Smart: 0961-5821582

Facebook: PMS Main Branch
Website: www.pmsprime.com


  1. Hyun Jang Nim says:

    I watched this birth of a beauty kaso di ko lang natapos, mga few episodes lang yung napanood ko. Anyway, these products from PMS are worth to try. What I love about them is they are made of healthy ingredients. It’s nice to enjoy while being healthy at the same time. I like that they also have different variants to choose from.

  2. rowenacallovillareno says:

    Tapos ko na panoorin ang birth of a beauty highly recommended talaga panoorin sa ganda ng kwento.Perfect manood habang umiimom ng favorite natin milktea para refreshing pa din sa pakiramdam kahit nakakairita na yung kontrabida😅

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