K-drama Review: Love Alarm while creating Ready to Eat Snacks from Jolly Corn

Since weekends are best spent, cozying up on my couch and just binge-watching on various trending movies on Netflix. For this week, one series that popped up in my recommended items to watch is the Netflix Series called Love Alarm.

Since Netflix has been pushing for more authentic content as of late, this Hallyu drama seems to depict not just the usual sappy love triangle that high schoolers face but also the societal standards on beauty, social media and validating our self-worth from the engagements that we get online.

Me snacking on some Cheddar Cheese Corn while binge watching on this series.

As I have read somewhere before that the likes and comments that we get in our socials seem like a dopamine booster which gives us more positive feelings, feelings of acceptance, and happiness that in a way our opinions are heard, acknowledged, and validated even though it’s just done in the form of likes, shares of comments in our feeds.

This drama has had me glued to my screen for the past 2 days now, avidly awaiting the next few episodes which will be released in their second season coming this March 12, 2021, on Netflix. I can’t wait to know who Jojo decides to fall in love with between the 2 leads. Would it be Lee Hye-young, who was silently admiring her from afar and chose to give way to his friend Hwang Sun-oh since they seemed to be getting along pretty well before. Or would it be her former flame Sun-Ho, who seems to have it all with his model-like looks, affluent family background, and aggressive take on love relying solely on the app to validate Jojo’s feelings for him.

Photo Source: Wikipedia

To be honest, I would like for Jojo to either end up alone and discover herself and love herself to the fullest than come in between the 2 best friends who were like family to each other for the longest time. Being all self-sufficient isn’t that bad sometimes especially since whoever she would pick between the 2 guys would surely have an aftereffect as to how their relationship would be moving forward.

Of course, binge watching on this Netflix show would not be possible without me snacking onto something while watching this series, hence due to my lack of culinary skills in the kitchen. I decided to go for something simpler to snack on, something that would not require me to cook and bring out the frying pan.

I decided on just having the cheesy corn kernels as my snack and decided to eat corn kernels direct from its can. Since these can also serve as a go-to snack when you are fully focused on doing your task. In my case, this serves as an easy to prep snack while binge watching on Netflix or while working in the wee hours of the morning.

I decided to go for the Jolly Whole Kernel Corn to use in this snack. Here are more details about it.

  • Size: 425g-can
  • Features: In-easy open can
  • Source: Thailand
  • Price: P30-31/ can

These can easily be checked out in your nearby grocery outlets or if you are a fan of online shopping and want to convenient way of having everything at your doorstep without the need to head out. You can also check them out in any of their online channels (Lazada, Shoppee, Website).

You can prep this corn kernels in 3 ways, either have it served iced cold as part of your Mais Con Hielo Snack, have it for a longer time when you add it to your Maja Blanca Recipe or do the easy way which is to just add cheddar cheese on top and then VOILA! You now have your snack! 🙂

Here’s what I did:

  1. Place 3-4 tablespoons of Jolly Whole Kernel Corn in serving size cups or bowls.
  2. Add 1/2 to 1 tablespoon cheese powder in each serving cup. Mix well

Easy right? 🙂

What other easy to prepare recipes do you have in mind? Let’s exchange recipes! 🙂 You can purchase your no-cook corn kernels in any of the following channels.

Ace Market: www.AceMarket.ph 

Lazada: www.lazada.com.ph/shop/fly-ace-corporation/

Shopee:  www.shopee.ph/flyacecorp 


  1. Truly Recommended ate Lou, Affordable, Healthy, Yummy, and Ready To Eat narin po

  2. Hyun Jang Nim says:

    Wow I heard a lot of good reviews to love alarm, di ko pa nga lang napapanood but it’s nice that there will be season two na, pagsasabayin ko ng panoorin. I love whole kernel corn, I usually eat this with cheese too, perfect snacks.

    1. Going So Lou says:

      Season two is already out as well haha 🙂 Super nice 😉

  3. Apple Joy Camañero says:

    Wow i love your review po . Tlgang nman perfect panoorin kapag may snack tayong ksama 😍 fave ko din ang corn lalo na ung my cheese at konting sugar tapos medyo my sabaw super perfect tlga ❤️😍

  4. Chriss Tabamo says:

    Wow. Sarap naman po talaga nito ,😍 Nakakamiss tuloy kumain nito 😍 Masarap kasi kumain ng ganito habang nanunuod ka ng movie. Basta isa sa mga paborito kong kinakain ang jolly corn .

  5. irishlaurio says:

    mas nakakagana manood lalo kapag may jolly corn na kasama heheh sarap naman kc e hnd dn xa nakakasawa po, paboritong snack dn po namin yan sa bahay 🙂

  6. rowenacallovillareno says:

    Great blog po .thank you for sharing 🤗Iba talaga yung sarap sa pakiramdan na kumakain while watching kdrama😊Try ko din nga po ito sa maja blanca ko pa lang kasi na try gamitin jolly kernel corn😊

  7. Momshie Vine says:

    Wow salamat po sa review. Havent watched the Love Alarm po. Mejo pang teens masyado 😊 Thanks for the recipe din po.

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