How to Maintain that Youthful Glow in Your 30’s by taking in Collagen Supplements

I have been running around like a headless chicken and has been surviving on countless cups of coffee and the little stamina I have left. Since my work is done at the off hours which is around 2AM EST to align with the global teams, after my work finishes off at around 11-12nn, I then proceed with my other hustle which is my online business wherein I am a one man team with some help of our helper here at home especially in the packing of the parcels. This month alone we have already processed around 100+ parcels, and as much as it is good for the business, my physical and emotional health are getting drained as the days go by.

One of the products that I take upon waking up which I mix with my regular coffee or strawberry chia seed drink

To be honest, I love what I am doing in my small business however, sometimes it also gets the best of me, even though I try to remain upbeat and optimistic after the work is done since the work here is more physically and mentally taxing. Other than that, I also have other hustles going on here and there.

The pandemic, has given birth to various opportunities to earn from home , but at the same time it has also given birth to feelings of depression, tiredness and a feeling of helplessness as to when this will ever end. Will I ever get to meet up with my friends whenever we want without wearing masks/ face shields or being scared to contract the deadly covid-19 virus? Will things ever go back to normal wherein come my off days and on pay days I can just head out to my favorite salon or spa and just book a 1 hour deep tissue whole body massage to treat my tired limbs and give me that overall feeling of relaxation? Will the worrying ever stop?

All these worrying and questions running endlessly through my head gives me so much to think about that I sometimes get the feeling that my body feels it too which is why I sometimes feel sick or get bouts of dizziness and headaches even when I am just at home most days.

That’s why to combat ageing pre-maturely, I consistently make sure to drink my vitamins on a daily basis and also my collagen supplements which can help me maintain my youthful glow and delay the signs of aging despite me getting less than 6 hours of sleep on a daily basis.

For those who do not know anything about collagen, here’s a few things that you should know about this protein. It is actually the most abundant protein in our body and exists in the following body parts:

  • Bones
  • Muscles
  • Tendons
  • Ligaments
  • Organs
  • Intestines
  • Tissue
  • Skin

So if it’s naturally found in our body, why do we need to take it on a regular basis?

It’s because as we age, our body starts to make less collagen, starting in our mid-20s. Poor diet can lower your levels, too. When your body doesn’t make as much collagen, it can lead to things like:

  • Wrinkles
  • Weak muscles
  • Tight ligaments and tendons
  • Gut issues
  • Joint Pain

So how do I know which one is best for my skin?

There are various types of Collagen in this case this variant from NutriHero is made up of Marine, or fish, collagen which comes from the skin of fish. It can help you bring your levels up. Some collagen variants also come from the skins of cow’s or pigs. Recently, most people are opting for fish collagen for the following reasons:

  • Just like the other types of collagen it can help delay the common signs of aging like wrinkles, joint issues and weakness.
  • Fish Collagen also offers an alternative to those allergic to cow or pig collagen (some people are not able to use Cow/ Pig Collagen due to some religious beliefs, while some believe that consuming cow collagen can make them contract the mad cow disease.)
  • A more sustainable alternative since the fishing industry has other unused raw materials from their catch of the day including the fish skins which is the source for marine collagen. (Instead of putting the fish skin off to waste, it can be used to make skin care products or collagen products)

What are the various forms of Collagen?

Collagen can come in various forms, I used to take the chewable pills found in our go to convenience stores or in the top online shopping platforms in the country, I have also tried the gummy collagen type which comes in various colors and appears like your regular gummy bear. Perfect for snacking! But, for this type of collagen it comes in a powder form, usually dissolved easily with hot water, tea or your early morning coffee. I personally take it with my morning coffee or my strawberry chia infused drink to give me that extra glow upon waking up.

What’s good about Nutrihero’s Marine Collagen?

Aside from the usual benefits that collagen supplements offer, this one has  0% GMO with no fillers, gluten, sugars, thereby making it highly dissolvable. Add to the fact that it comes with Vitamin C which is good for our immune systems especially during these disturbing times, it’s best to stack up on vitamins to help bolster our immune system.

It’s important to note that supplements are not regulated by the FDA, so if you’re thinking about using marine collagen, either as a supplement or a cream, talk with your doctor about it first to make sure it’s right for you. So just to recap the collagen benefits, I have listed them here for you to pore over and consider if its for you.

✅Improves the skin and makes it glow
✅ Removes wrinkles, fine-lines and blackouts
✅ Causes healthy skin pigmentation
✅ Increases hair growth and keeps it healthy
✅ Strengthens the bones and joints
✅ Improves energy and stamina in the body
✅ Aids digestion and improves metabolism
✅ Makes you feel rejuvenated

Check them out here and let me know what you think 🙂


  1. Apple Joy Camañero says:

    Aww ramdam ko din po ung ganito . Ung puyat ung ikaw lang mag isa lahat , pero minsan my mga ksma tlga tyu sa bahay na mtutulungan tayo pero hndi nman lagi . Ung sakit ng ulo . And tama po ung mkapag massage man lang kaht papaano mawala ang stress . Gusto ko din matry itong NutriHero ang dami at ang ganda ng benefits niya sa katawan natin , para skin mas okay din po ang powder para ihahalo nlng sa coffee or kahit anong drinks din . Thank you for sharing this 🤗❤️

  2. rowenacallovillareno says:

    It’s really good to maintain our glowing look as we get older because it helps us maintain our confidence and our posture. I really don’t know anything about the importance of collagen in our body until I read about this blog. It’s really informative and helpful as well. I want to try this NutriHero as well. Thank you so much for sharing this.

    1. Going So Lou says:

      Aww! Thank you so much for this comment! It means a lot that people still take the time to read blogs these days 🙂

      1. rowenacallovillareno says:

        you’re always welcome po🤗

  3. Chriss Tabamo says:

    Must try this po.. Mukhang maganda nga po itong Nutrihero Beauty Marine Collagen Powder ..Thankyou po sa pag share nito.. Napaka helpful po talaga nitong blog nyo.

  4. Jenny Labutap says:

    this product is very nice and must try very effective pa and sure na mag gglow ka talGa dito sa nutri hero beauty marine collagen 🥰

  5. Hyun Jang Nim says:

    Admirable po yung sobrang kasipagan nyo, its inspiring.
    Thanks po sa pa secret reveal ng glowing skin. I like that you discussed in a very detailed manner the whereabouts of collagen including its benefits.
    This Nutrihero’s Marine Collagen is a must try. I like that it’s highly dissolvable and can boost our immune system. I love its benefits, achieve na achieve din ang healthy body and glowing skin.

  6. rochellejimenez says:

    Very informative po itong blog niyo about sa collagen intake and their benefits po. Dami po palang natutulong ng collagen lalo na more on body internal organs which is very important to know about this. Hindi lang siya for skin glowing kundi for repairing din siya i think po at naghehelp po ng malaki para sa mga elderly din dahil for joints and ligaments din. Nice article po❤️❤️❤️ thank you po.

  7. Momshie Vine says:

    Been seeing a lot of posts about collagen and this blog of yours talaga made me learn a lot. Thank you for sharing such an informative article 😊

    1. Going So Lou says:

      Aww! Thank you for taking the time to read through it! I really appreciate it! 🙂

      1. Momshie Vine says:

        You’re welcome po! Thank you for such a great content 😊

  8. rochellejimenez says:

    Ganda po pala talaga ng mga benefits ng collagen suppliments. From inside and out nakakapag improved siya ng health hindi lang sa mga young adults but especially sa mga elderly. Nakaka amazed lang dahil nabigyan o na high niyo po dito sa blog niyo mga important benefits niya.thank you for writing this blog Ms Lou❤️

    1. Going So Lou says:

      Awww! Yes! Collagen is one of the keys to younger looking skin. Thank you for reading through this blog 🙂

  9. Owenbondocponce says:

    Looking forward to try it. Looks like good pick for an amazing youthful glow. You’re actually so beautiful and radiantly beautiful

  10. Emily Bagayas says:

    Skin care is healthcare. There are no bad products necessarily, but sometimes people with different skin type use the wrong product for their type of skin. ❤

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