How to Protect Your Baby from Diaper Rashes

We all have worries when it comes to raising our babies especially for us first time Mom’s , and with all that is going on now in today’s world. As much as we can, we try to read up, research and carefully consider our purchases especially when it comes to our kids daily essentials.

With that, I recently attended an online talk from The Medical City wherein they centered on baby care hacks and how to ensure your baby does not get the diaper rashes which can cause uneasiness and discomfort in their private areas.

Mom and baby enjoying some quality time before heading out to sleep

As parents, multi-tasking and running around like a headless chicken can seem like the new normal for us, usually fulfilling various roles in our workplace/ business while ensuring that our kids get the best care possible. This can sometimes leave us wondering if we are choosing the right products for our babies which not only fulfills their basic needs but is also gentle on the skin.

One topic which was centered on the discussion was about diaper’s and how to know the best fit for your baby with regards to the multitude of products in the grocery shelves. There are just too many options sometimes that we just opt for the most affordable brand hoping that it would suffice and do the job. Opting for diapers that aren’t able to provide baby’s needs not only puts their skin at risk of babad and kulob but it also leaves your pockets dry — spending more in the long run in search of the right diaper. This begs the questions, what is diaper rash and how do you prevent it?

Diaper rash is an inflammatory skin condition that affects the most sensitive part of your baby’s body. This is often due to prolonged exposure of the skin to wetness and moisture. According to Dr. Krissy Dim-Jamora, a board-certified dermatologist and Head of the Skin Cancer Unit of Medical City, baby’s skin is thinner, and at risk of babad compared to adult skin. Dr. Krissy mentioned, “When your baby’s skin is left to soak in a moist, wet environment for a long time, the skin can break down. This results in redness, pain, and swelling.” With temperatures that can get as hot as 42 degrees Celsius in a tropical country like here in the Philippines, diaper rashes can also happen more often during the dry season. “The moist environment of the urine and feces creates a nasty environment for baby’s thin, gentle skin.”, as described by Dr. Krissy.

If your baby’s skin is unable to breathe due to trapped heat, a diaper that does not allow air to flow can leave them feeling kulob. When unattended, a chronic diaper rash can result in thickening of the skin, pigmentation problems and worst of all, a chronic wound that may lead to an infection.

So what are the PRO’s of keeping our LO’s skin healthy:

  • More economical, since it will save more money on Doctor’s Visits and Diaper Rash Creams
  • Increased good quality sleep for both parents and baby since having that rash can cause discomfort to our LO’s rendering them to have intermittent amounts of sleep throughout the day

That said, the Doctor advises that it’s best to practice measures and use quality diapers with the proper technology to prevent diaper rash from happening. *one brand mentioned was the Pampers 2-in- 1 Rash Shield Diapers since now with its new 2-in-1 Rash Shield that keeps baby protected from the two main causes of rashes: babad and kulob.

Even when your baby wears Pampers Pants for a long time, you’re less likely to worry about baby’s skin health. Pampers Pants are made with a super absorbent kontra-babad core that not only absorbs up to 30x their weight in urine, but also provides up to 99.9% vs. wetness.* With kontra-kulob features that release heat and humidity for less stuffiness, Pampers Pants allows baby’s delicate skin to breathe.

According to Dr. Krissy, a quality diaper should be able to keep moisture away from baby’s delicate skin and allow good ventilation in the private area. “The diaper should draw the moisture from urine away from the baby’s skin so that the baby does not sit in the moist environment. The diaper should be able to last the whole night of peeing without the urine spilling onto the bed. This will allow the parents to have a good night’s sleep.”

Pampers knows that sigurista parents are always on the lookout for products that can help protect baby to ease their worries of baby’s well-being. That’s why Pampers diapers continuously innovates to provide your little one’s sensitive skin with comfort and protection from babad and kulob, saving you from hidden costs on unexpected treatments. Siguradong protektado si baby from diaper rash, and less worries for sigurista parents with Pampers new 2-in1 Rash Shield.

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  1. Jenny Labutap says:

    Thank you for the tips and information,totoo po na talagang we are worried with our kids kung paano po sila papalakihin ng tama at maintindihan nila Lalo na po kapag first time mom nakakaba na Nakakaexcite,when it comes to choose daiper to my baby talagang sigurista po ako dahil nagkakaroon po ng rashes Ang mga baby at kailangan po Nila Ng safe at comfortable na diaper like pampers.High quality and affordable pa🥰

    1. Going So Lou says:

      Agree! Praning Mom din kasi ako, usually I go through a lot of brands to check the best fit for my baby’s skin 🙂

  2. Apple Joy Camañero says:

    Thank you for sharing this po , tama isa din tlga ako sa worry mommy twing mgkakarashes si baby till now .. ang dami ko na pong brand na natry para makaiwas sa rashes si baby .. ng ma discover ko din po itong pampers , sabi ko kysa mghahanap ako ng mura na diaper kung magkakarashes si baby mglaking gastos din . Kaya lumipat na ako sa pampers at tlga nmang dito nahiyang si baby no rashes na siya ang kagandan pa nito no leak siya kaya masarap ang tulog niya 🤗❤️ thank you po sa mga tips hndi tlga ako ngkamali sa pagpili sa pampers para kay baby 🤗❤️

    1. Going So Lou says:

      Same here! I’m quite experimental also when it comes to my baby’s diapers trying to find the best fit for him 🙂 Super praning din ako when it comes to him getting diaper rashes 😦

  3. Owenbondocponce says:

    Mom’s approved. Eversince we’ve always looking for a wonderful diaper brand to our little one. This is nice and cool to me. No disappointment ,no worries about it.

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