Gain that Confidence Back with a reliable Shapewear from Adam and Eve

Whoever said getting pregnant doesn’t weigh you down? Well maybe for a lucky few who doesn’t really experience that much of a weight gain as they carry another human being in their wombs for the next 9 months. But for those regular mortals like me and you, losing that post-partum weight isn’t at all that easy as 1,2,3.

Giving birth to another human being can sometimes take a toll on your body especially if you aren’t sporting a healthy and active lifestyle from the get-go.

To be honest, even after a year and a half my body isn’t nearly as slim as it used to be especially as compared to the one, I had way back in my 20’s. Not only is my metabolism slower now that I am already in my early 30’s,I guess my working environment and habits aren’t helping me shed off those unwanted fats as well.

Aside from sporting a sedentary lifestyle, I also love snacking on sweets, I would usually check my favorite food delivery app on the latest desserts or available meals with discounts/ bundle packages so I can have something to munch on while working.

My shift usually starts off at 2AM until 11AM which doesn’t really equate to a good 8 hour deep slumber right? So aside from my normal circadian rhythm being interrupted, I also tend to snack on a lot of sweets and other leftovers I see here at home since other than my work I also dabble in a lot of other things on the side like curating content for brands as a nano- influencer, managing my own start-up sourcing business and my other start-up collagen brand with my partner Sam all these while taking care of my little one.

Our new passion project, the Collabear Collagen Gummies to help delay the early onset of aging and help you achieve that glowing skin from the inside out. Hopefully when all the groundwork is completed we can finally launch this come the BER months.

That said, I have tried various methods to lose weight such as having regular RF (Radiofrequency Sessions) for my thunder thighs and my flabby arms, attaching a sticky patch onto my problem areas which promises that I would lose weight if I keep it on for a few hours (all it did was give my skin an allergic reaction, lol) and even trying out this sauna suit which looked like a grey PPE I found on Shoppee (which only made me sweat profusely, I didn’t really like my smell after that so I didn’t use it again after 1 session). Guess desperate times call for desperate measures, right? Aside from sporting a sedentary lifestyle I am not really a fan of working out maybe because I don’t know how to start, or I constantly make up excuses to not be consistent that’s why I don’t see the long term effects. (Such a bad mindset, I know but I am working on this)

So back to the drawing board, I found a Filipino-founded shapewear brand that is specifically designed for Filipina physiques and lifestyles.

What does a shapewear do? A Shapewear targets to shape and train your body to contour your curves, shape your body form and fix your posture. Each shapewear piece gives you a nice silhouette that instantly boosts your confidence when it comes to wearing
any outfit that you like.

The name of the brand is called, Adam & Eve shapewear where their technology-based fabric comes from the shores of Carvico Italy, the Revolutional Slim. The Carvico Revolutional Slim fabric is rich in 4 active principles including caffeine, fatty acids, retinol/Vitamin A, and aloe that reduce the orange peel effect on the skin, helps smoothen, & helps burn fats.

Imagine, a shapewear that can not only sculpt your body by hiding all those unwanted fats and bulges, but it also helps you do the work from the inside as it effectively burns fat inside your body with the ingredients in their fabric.

I have personally tried their fabric for around a week now and I found it to be breathable and lightweight. Not the usual cloth fabric wherein I could not even move or breathe in the fear of breaking its clasps on my body. That said, here are some things to go by when taking care of your shapewear:

  • Wash separately in mild detergent (Do not mix this with your usual laundry load as the fabric is very delicate, I personally handwash my stash or use a very mild detergent so as not to damage the material of the shapewear)
  • Do not soak
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not tumble dry.

I will be posting soon in my socials regarding my full journey with this shapewear brand, I also plan to avail of their corset to check how it might help me control my sudden food cravings and hopefully help me lessen my current weight.

For more info, check them out here:


For those Momma’s trying to get back in shape just like me, then we are all on the same boat here. Let me know how it goes for you, would love to hear your thoughts on this. 🙂 Planning to also host a giveaway soon, who knows one lucky Mama or reader might actually win a new shapewear right?

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  1. Owenbondocponce says:

    Love everything about this beautiful brand . Perfectly suited for us, creations which to cater all different shapes and sizes.. being a woman,a mom… I highly recommend it

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