How taking constant breaks can be good for your Health

I feel that I haven’t been myself as of late since I was always accustomed to being out and about, always doing something here and there and ticking off a lot of boxes on my “to-do “list.  However, the past few weeks have taken a toll on my body not sure if it was caused by the following factors:

  • Medications I am currently taking to control my blood pressure
  • Lack of sleep since I work in a different time zone schedule
  • Living a sedentary lifestyle and not getting enough exercise
  • Consuming too many carbs and being mindful of what I take in
  • Having a lot of “internal pressure” on my mind as of late to be able to meet my annual goals
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That said, I attribute me feeling lethargic most parts of the day to all these factors hence I have decided to step up my game and just focus slowly on healing and addressing the factors which I can remedy and control. Here are some of the steps that I am taking on right now

Being more mindful of what I intake – can be a challenge especially for a meat-loving person and a foodie like me whose heart flutters with joy whenever I eat out and binge eat on succulent and tender lobs of steak and meat. I am trying to interject more greens, lessen my rice and bread intake, withdraw from consuming too much caffeine on a regular basis, and make healthy food choices every day. I have been quite a passive contributor when it comes to our grocery shopping list since cooking in the kitchen was not really my strong point from the get-go, but who said that “you cannot teach an old dog new tricks”, I have been scrolling for healthy food suggestions and choices to add to our weekly menu and I carefully budget around P2,000-P3,000 per week for our weekly menu. Adding more greens or injecting more healthy drinks like milk to supplement my calcium intake and buko juice to cleanse and detox my body. I have also added in more fish and lean meat to our menu, trying to opt for steamed veggies and roasted dishes than the usual dishes dripping in oil and laced with too much salt and preservatives.

Injecting more movement into my daily routine – Since we live in a condominium smack in the middle of a busy metropolis, one thing I love about our location is its proximity to all the necessary go-to places like the malls, supermarkets, pharmacies, and even hospitals which just is a 10-20 minute drive via car contingent on the traffic situation. However, one of the downsides of this lifestyle is that unlike BGC or other more newly developed real- estate locations, there aren’t a lot of parks or greenery options to go here unless you make a consistent effort to walk around a few blocks here and there checking out various buildings and just ensuring that you get your daily dose of movement in your day. Since we are about to move in just a few weeks- months’ time outside the metro, I am hoping to see more greenery, more walkable pathways, and more ventilation which will not only be good for myself but for our whole family as well.

Reading more and worrying less – I have never really considered myself a worrywart before in my life since I was usually sporting that carefree, happy-go-lucky outlook and living by the day for myself alone. However, when you become a parent, your life makes a drastic 360 turn, and you must be more mindful not only of your purchasing habits but also of your day-to-day responsibilities. Having a checklist always keeps me on my toes, to ensure that my monthly and yearly goals have been met, I would usually dabble in other revenue-generating gigs to supplement the income I am getting from my 9-5 ever since I started working but right now, I am taking a break for my mental health and trying to just do what I can day by day without pressuring myself to do this and do that unless I am already ready and fully healed.

My priority right now is my health because how can you give your best to your family when your health is in shambles right? I have been diagnosed with having pre-stage 1 high blood pressure, so I am taking medications every day to manage it.  

Having a sleep schedule – This one by far is the hardest one for me since I am usually thinking of a lot of things on a day to day and want to maximize my day by making the most of it, from managing my deliveries for my business, checking out new product finds which I can include in my online store, actively checking out job opportunities to see what are the in-demand skillsets needed now in the market, catching up on the latest series, checking out articles on my go-to sites, doing reports for work while ensuring that all my metrics and KPI’s are met, playing with my kid and ensuring he gets the best nutrition and gets fed regularly throughout the day to stocking up on essentials and ensuring that our household is always clean and the bills are paid on time of even beforehand.

Ideally, an adult of our age from 25-25 years old should be getting at least 8-9 hours of shut-eye on a day to day but since I am working in a different time zone and must take a slumber during the day where my kid is most active, this can be quite a challenge for me. I usually just clock in around 3-4  hours on an average day hence, that feeling of drowsiness, consistent temporal headache, and pain on various parts of my body especially if my sleeping position was wrong throughout the night. This might explain the feeling of lethargy that I feel throughout the day, that’s why I consider my weekends very precious and a “slow-down” for me where I just catch up on sleep, connect with friends and do things for myself like sleeping in throughout the day or just taking a break from the usual grind.

To those who are experiencing anxiety and have a lot of things on their mind, it’s okay to let- go, take a break and just do things for yourself. It’s not selfish to love yourself but instead, it would make you a better person in the end since you are already complete and fully healed. There are no timelines in life, it’s you who will dictate the compass and direction of your life. Enjoy the journey and take it day by day.


  1. Steve Dela Cruz says:

    That’s Good to know po! I love this po!

  2. rowenacallovillareno says:

    Thank you for the tips po mostly pa naman ngayon nakaka experience ng anxiety sa sobrang hirap ng buhay gawa ng pandemic and yung iba wala na talaga makakapitan kaya mas maganda pa din talaga yung alagaan mo muna sarili mo. Daily exercise and healthy diet is the best.

    1. Going So Lou says:

      Agree! Sometimes self- care is the best form of therapy 🙂

  3. Owen Ponce says:

    I am thankful for this.. I really appreciate it so much,each one of us does need this constantly

  4. Jenny Labutap says:

    Must read po talaga itong blog sure na helpful for our health. Madami talaga Ang nakaka experience Ng depression because of this time of pandemic kaya dapat we need to do something para maiwasan ito 🥰🥰🥰

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