New Gem in Makati: Mando’s Wing Shack and Fatitude Restaurant

Even before the pandemic happened and with all the changes in my life throughout the last few years, one of the things that remained constant through and through is my love for adventure and the thrill I get whenever I get to try out new dishes/ cuisines or just head out and discover new mom and pop stores which I haven’t been to before to check on their product offerings.

So just last weekend, situated in the bustling confines of the Makati business district lies a hidden gem that offers a fusion of various cuisines that will not only whet your appetite but will also surely cater to your gustatory cravings.

Let’s start!

So just after clocking off work last Saturday, I decided to check this place out and got introduced to its COO/ Owner JP Aguado, who is not only an Engineer by profession, he also teaches at the Ateneo Graduate School and acts as a consultant for their other business lines, on top of that he fully manages everything from the menu to the marketing, sales, operations and even the financials of their whole restaurant business.

One of his pioneer brands comes Mando’s Wings Shack, which boasts of its flavorful chicken wings and Tex- Mex menu. For context, here is a copy of their menu for your checking.

We first had a taste of one of their best-selling appetizers, their signature Nachos which boasts of chunks of sweetish beef brisket, shredded lettuce, shoestring potatoes, pico de gallo, chili, aioli sauce, and thick slices of torched homemade cheese. 

Crunchy Nacho pieces topped with flavorful ground beef, tomatoes, greens and mayonnaise

The servings that day were both a mix from their 2 restaurants, Fatitude which caters to the Filipino palate and offers tasty Filipino signature dishes, and the food servings from Mando’s Wing Shack which was mostly a mix of chicken wings and tex-mex cuisine.

Next, we tasted one of my top choices in their food selection, this time around coming from their partner food stall (Fatitude), which JP co-owns and manages with his partner Marky. This time around it was their sizzling sisig which was served with crispy and tasty Lechon toppings which added to the overall flair and flavor of the dish if I must say! It also helps that even tho it was served for quite some time now, meaning we didn’t get to dig in immediately since we were still taking photos of the other dishes and were too busy conversing when we tasted the dish and took our first dig into it! It was still as fresh and sizzling as when it was first served! Kudos to the chef for maintaining the quality of the dish!

One of my top picks from this store, this was for me one of their dishes which takes the cake since it was bustling with flavor and the crispiness of the dish does not wane even after serving it for quite some time now. I love the Lechon toppings on this dish as it added more flair and overall flavor to this Filipino favorite.

Next in came a series of other food platters which carried their other fares in both their restos. Since there were too many dishes to choose from that day, I would just note here some of my top picks and choices from their food servings.

One of the house specialties of Mando’s Wing Shack is of course their chicken wings which come in a very affordable price point. For just P399 you get a dozen wings and more than what you paid for since its crispiness and flavor really go deep to the bone.

The buffalo wings flavor is very nice since it’s marinated well in their signature Mando’s sauce plus it comes with a blue cheese dip as an added bonus. Meanwhile, those who prefer the more spicy side of things can have the sweeracha flavor which is a blend between sweet and spicy.

For Fatitude, one of the dishes which stood out for me was none other than their house specialty the cochinillo – a roasted suckling pig originating in Spain with the same crispylicious skin and juicilicious meat. Basically, it’s a mini lechon!

Marinated for 24 hours so that the meat can absorb the flavor better and slowly roasted for 4 hours to develop that melt-in-your-mouth texture, the resulting meat is so tender and juicy while the skin is glossy brown and crispy! We even caught on video the chef slicing it down while making that ohh so crispy sound that was all over social media.

While we were digging into these juicy fares, JP shared with us that this place used to be filled to the brim pre-pandemic days but since the pandemic happened they had to pivot and adjust their distribution strategies in order for them to pick up and also cater to a new batch of customers who now prefer home-delivered meals instead of dining in.

Hopefully, as the restrictions in the metro ease up with the constant dwindling number of cases then we can see more foot traffic to check out their place, not only is it a good venue to hang out with your friends, chill and unwind while enjoying some ice-cold beer/ cocktails and good food but they also have other attractions like their live bands and spoken word poetry guests who come in to provide good vibes and utmost entertainment.

**Note**: Both Mando’s Wing Shack and Fatitude are located in the same venue which is at the Arkipelago Food Park, 7481 Bagtikan St., San Antonio, Makati City. They are open from 11:00 AM to 12:00 AM from Monday to Thursday, 11:00 AM to 2:00 AM on Fridays and Saturdays, and 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM every Sunday. Need a guide navigating to the place? Check them out here.

📇 7481 Bagtikan Street, Arkipelago food court, San Antonio Village, Makati,


  1. rowenacallovillareno says:

    Grabe ang sarap ng bawat dishes nila. Nakita ko post mo po yung sisig sa ig account mo po and dun pa lang nag crave na talaga ako favorite ko pa naman yun. Kaya must visit po

  2. Jenny Labutap says:

    Grabe must visit talaga yan Ms lou Ang sasarap ng mga food gusto in ko ma try Po Yung buffalo wings Nila sure na malasa at masarap talaga dahil marinated ito… At sure din magugustuhan ng mga kids ko po yung nachos Nila😋

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