My Sister’s Wedding

A few weeks back, it was my sister’s wedding to her boyfriend, Gab. They had an intimate, beautifully set-up, low-key wedding which celebrated love, life, familial relationships, and friendships that transcended years to those closest to them.

Family photo after the mass

That said, it reminded me of my wedding 3 years ago and how we also managed to successfully launch our intimate wedding ceremony surrounded by those who mattered and those closest to us.

Let me take you down memory lane for a time and go back to what transpired during her wedding a few weeks back.

I took a leave from work during that day since my work extends to Saturday mornings due to the different time shift schedule that I work on. KD also came from his other nightshift work in Makati just in time to pick me up and enjoy a sumptuous buffet in Shangri-la hotel where my mom and sister were already checked in the night before.

Since my mom and sister already had food in their room, it was just me and KD who were able to have breakfast in Heat. I was getting a little worried about not fitting into my gown but then again, I am giving myself a pass since I am already about to give birth in 2 months’ time and I and the baby inside my womb need as much nutrition and food these last few months before the delivery.

Going back, once I was up at their hotel room, my sister was all getting glammed up by the crew. Apparently, they got a lot of different suppliers who all had 3 people more or less on their team so the room was filled with around 10-12 people catering to various items related to the wedding. A team of 2 were already doing her hair and makeup while 2 other guys were busy doing portrait and close-up shots of her. It was such a picture-worthy moment and the makeup definitely accentuated all the assets of my sister’s face.

What a beautiful bride indeed

I showered in their hotel room and one of my aunts who was also my sister’s primary sponsor was also getting ready to have her makeup and hair done. The wedding was not until 2PM but we wanted to be early for the ceremony, so after all the preps were done my sister rode with my uncle and aunt who drove her to the church, and their car served as the bridal car as well.

Mom and I had to double-check all the items 1st in the hotel before checking out to ensure that we did not leave anything behind. While I was waiting for the car to come around in the lobby I was even able to check out the hotel cafe where they served various chocolate pastries and was able to buy 2 pieces of their truffles.

Kaeden was their coin bearer and I was their bible bearer. Most of the people in their entourage, the commentator, and 1st readings were all close friends and family members. The homily was about the bride being a special gift to the groom hence, he should cherish and take care of the bride for all of their lives, same goes as well for the bride. Despite the summer heat, it was a beautifully executed ceremony filled with love and sincerity from both sides.

Guests and friends were all present in church for the photo-op

Since the venue of the reception was an uphill hour’s long travel to Antipolo, we decided to swing by the condo 1st, and get changed into more comfortable clothes so we can enjoy the party afterward. Traffic was a bit slow and we were able to get there just in the nick of time.

The food was good and the selection was simple yet delicious. The program was also short and no-nonsense. Speeches were given by the best friends and parents of the bride and the groom afterward the newlyweds thanked everyone in attendance for celebrating this milestone with them and opened up the floor for the after party of overflowing drinks and for everyone to have a good time.


  1. rowenacallovillareno says:

    Yay ganda ng ganitong wedding Ms. Lou kasi close and relatives lang ang invited pag sobrang dami din kasi ng visitors hindi na din kayang ma asikaso lahat. Anyway sp gorgeous naman po ng Sister mo same sayo Ms. Lou😍

  2. Jenny Labutap says:

    Love this kind of wedding where you can celebrate with all the people that closest to your hearts! For me, I prefer this kind of wedding, low-key but meaningful and talagang with best people!😊

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