Turning another year older

I have mixed emotions about turning a year older once again, this 2022 since the pandemic hit last 2020 it seems that time seemed to be at a standstill for me and even though things might be getting a little better and restrictions are easing up all over the metro, the comfort of staying indoors and being still a little careful about your health is always at the back of my mind.

Another year older, looking forward to more learnings and opportunities in the coming months ahead.

2 years since then and it seems as if nothing much has changed, I am still fully working from home while managing my small business on the side, tending to my toddler son, and prepping for labor as another one is about to come in a few weeks time after 2years and a half.

Working from home

To be honest, I am quite anxious once again as another baby comes in a few week’s time, although I am happy that our little family is getting bigger and little KD will be getting a playmate, I am going to have to pause from the usual grind and hustle that I have been used to for the last 2 years now and will slowly ease back into motherhood and tending to my little one for the time being. Not really being the maternal type of person from the get-go I try to read up as much as I can and just learn along the way from the experiences of my mom and MIL who have already gone through this stage a little more than 30 years ago.

I am quite afraid of stagnation, of not being competent again once my maternity leave is over and I am thrust back into the workforce. Add to the fact that another mouth to feed means more added costs in the form of baby essentials, diapers, and milk especially if you are not that much of a breastmilk producer. Of course, in order for me to effectively ease back into the workforce, I would need not only to be abreast of the latest technologies/ tools used in project management, CRM, or communication but I would also be needing the backend support from the household to help care for my newborn and my toddler who is all over the place now.

I am keeping tabs now on my checklist of items to prepare for the delivery in case I feel the regular intervals of my contractions so that I would not be packing up last minute and checking in the hospital would be a breeze.

Birthdays are a reminder that we must treasure our time here on earth daily as we are mere passersby and we must make the best of our God-given talents and abilities. Before, when I was still single I would have “salubong” birthday parties on the eve of my birthday wherein I would gather the closest of my friends and family members and just have some good food and drinks while we wait for the clock to strike 12 and be the 1st ones to greet me on my birthday. But, now celebrations are made much simpler, I just spent it with KD, my mom, sister, and her husband alongside my In-Laws in an intimate dinner held at Diamond Hotel, a week earlier than my natal day.

For my actual birthday, I reported to work, and then once I clocked out KD and I just went to have a quiet dinner in a cafe in BGC which was populated by working Millenials and younger generations who seem to work in the area, most of them tugging their laptops, working while eating and enjoying their own cups of coffee.

Hopefully, the next coming months would be kinder to us as inflation rates soar at an all-time high, gas prices are elevated like crazy and the workforce is getting more and more competitive as the days go by. Now, having a single-income household is a thing of the past, dabbling into other income-generating ventures other than your usual 9-5 is the new in, and juggling a lot of other things has become the new normal.


  1. Owen Ponce says:

    I wishing you all the best in life! Continuously reaching out to inspire and motivate!

  2. rowenacallovillareno says:

    Happy birthday po Ms. Lou stay strong and healthy po congratulations din po meron na new member sa family gandang blessings po yan ngayong 2022 for sure natutuwa niyan si baby kasi magiging kuya na sya😍

  3. Lizel Tejares Purcia says:

    Being safe and healthy is such a big blessings for your birthday 🎉🎉
    Have a happiest birthday and more Blessings po🎉🙏 Congratulations for a wonderful gift of life😍

  4. Jenny Labutap says:

    Happy birthday Ms Lou! Don’t stop being an inspiration to us. Keep dreaming and keep inspiring others. Wishing you all the happiness and best in life. Congrats on your new baby! so happy for you!🥰

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