Turning another year older

I have mixed emotions about turning a year older once again, this 2022 since the pandemic hit last 2020 it seems that time seemed to be at a standstill for me and even though things might be getting a little better and restrictions are easing up all over the metro, the comfort of staying indoors and being still a little careful about your health is always at the back of my mind.

Another year older, looking forward to more learnings and opportunities in the coming months ahead.
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Avon’s Pride initiative wins bronze in regional PR tilt

For some brands, celebrating Pride Month means publishing a statement of support and calling it a day. Deciding that support should be more tangible, no.1 intimate apparel brand Avon launched the Limitless Collection, the country’s first gender-neutral underwear—and it’s a win for everybody.

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Technical Vocational Track, another viable career option?

With all the multitude of opportunities in today’s day and age and with the advent of the digital era more and more students and people are considering alternative ways to earn a living aside from the usual linear career path of becoming professionals like being a doctor, lawyer or an engineer.

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Huawei 2021 Annual Report: Solid operations, investing in the future

Huawei released its 2021 Annual Report on March 28th, revealing that the company had maintained solid operations throughout the past year. As per the report, Huawei achieved CNY636.8 billion in revenue in 2021, and CNY113.7 billion in net profits, an increase of 75.9% year on year. The company’s R&D expenditure reached CNY142.7 billion in 2021, representing 22.4% of its total revenue, and bringing its total R&D expenditure over the past 10 years to over CNY845 billion. Moving forward, the company also plans to continuously increase investment in R&D.

Huawei said, the performance was overall in line with forecast, its carrier business remained stable, enterprise business experienced steady growth, and consumer business quickly expanded into new domains. In addition, the company embarked on a fast track of ecosystem development.”

Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s CFO, spoke at the event, “Despite a revenue decline in 2021, our ability to make a profit and generate cash flows is increasing, and we are more capable of dealing with uncertainty.” Thanks to the enhanced profitability of its major businesses, the company’s cash flow from operating activities dramatically increased in 2021, amounting to CNY59.7 billion. Its liability ratio also dropped to 57.8%, and its overall financial structure has become more resilient and flexible.

D:\1 策划传播\2022年\2021年年报\KM\发布会现场\Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou2.jpg

Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s CFO, speaking at the press conference

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Coco Martin supports new party-list advocating for livelihood and the transport sector

Coco Martin, famously known as Cardo Dalisay on-screen, is making rounds all over as he debuts his endorsement not of the party list with the same name as his show, but of a new party-list – AP Partylist #AkoyPilipino on Friday, February 25. 

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New Gem in Makati: Mando’s Wing Shack and Fatitude Restaurant

Even before the pandemic happened and with all the changes in my life throughout the last few years, one of the things that remained constant through and through is my love for adventure and the thrill I get whenever I get to try out new dishes/ cuisines or just head out and discover new mom and pop stores which I haven’t been to before to check on their product offerings.

So just last weekend, situated in the bustling confines of the Makati business district lies a hidden gem that offers a fusion of various cuisines that will not only whet your appetite but will also surely cater to your gustatory cravings.

Let’s start!

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Many communities all over the country have long dealt with the issue of stray dogs and cats. For many years, the only programs that the local government units (LGUs) have in place are impounding activities and vaccination drives. Unfortunately, these measures only scratch the surface of the issue and do not preventively address the problem of homeless animals at its root.

Source: https://bit.ly/3sluwaR

How taking constant breaks can be good for your Health

I feel that I haven’t been myself as of late since I was always accustomed to being out and about, always doing something here and there and ticking off a lot of boxes on my “to-do “list.  However, the past few weeks have taken a toll on my body not sure if it was caused by the following factors:

  • Medications I am currently taking to control my blood pressure
  • Lack of sleep since I work in a different time zone schedule
  • Living a sedentary lifestyle and not getting enough exercise
  • Consuming too many carbs and being mindful of what I take in
  • Having a lot of “internal pressure” on my mind as of late to be able to meet my annual goals
Source: Pexels
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Strong ties form a brighter future for kids under the USAID, NEAP, and DepEd Evidence-Based Literacy Leadership

The journey of the young minds and the growth of their mental ability to learn has been the concern of the Department of Education, National Educators Academy of the Philippines, and USAID. Despite the absence of face-to-face classes due to the worldwide health crisis, this was never the stumbling block of the three agencies to pursue the continuous growth of the kids to learn and enhance their reading skills and ability to learn in the absence of a teacher physically present.

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