New Dishes at Mighty Quinns MegaMall

There was a time in my life wherein I had the liberty of time to write until the wee hours of the morning about my late night thoughts and my recent jaunts and food discoveries. I guess, some things just took precedence in the past few months as my love for blogging took a backseat as I can only write during my spare time.

However, as much as I can and when my schedule permits I still grace events once in a while especially if it interests me. So when Richie from The Pickiest Eater invited me to try out the new dishes of Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque in Megamall a few weeks back, without hesitation I immediately said YES. 

After finishing off some emails and while waiting for my UBER ride I tried to research on the background of this joint that I would go to. I have read that it originally came from NYC and is actually one of the best-rated BBQ restaurants in New York City.

This restaurant opened its doors to our contrymen when it opened its doors last December 2016. Behind this worthy initiative is the Standard Hospitality Group which is actually the same group behind Yabu and Ipuddo.

The overall design of the place brings about a minimalistic yet rustic feel to it since the color of their walls is mostly a monochromatic grey/ black with accentuated by their furnishings which is mostly composed of wooden colors. 

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New Joint on the Block: Salchipapas

PASSION. It’s what drives us to move forward towards our goals and to just keep on going despite the curveballs life may throw our way. I guess, its what makes life worth living and our motivating force to do better and constantly innovate, excel and upgrade our skills.

image (1)
Props goes off to Sam for the awesome Instagram worthy set up of the dishes

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Wake Me Up When September Ends

The past few weeks had zoomed by like a dream. A lot has already transpired and it’s the BER months once again. To be honest, I don’t really know what to write about first since there are a hundred things coursing through my mind right now. But before I veer off again into other topics let me first recount some of the highlights of my life during the past few months.

My family went up North to the lush mountains of Baguio where we spent the long weekend  

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Shaburi: A Shabu Shabu Kind of Night

They say that the best things in life come when you least expect it. This age old adage holds true for me  since just last week as I celebrated my birthday my friends, family and KD all connived together to stage a surprise birthday bash for me.

My Love Tank is Full. Thanks for the surprise guys and to KD for making it all possible 🙂 

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Bono Gelato: Ice Cream with a Mark

To be honest, I wasn’t really familiar with this new ice cream joint called Bono Gelato until a friend of mine introduced it to me. I usually just gravitate to my staple favorites like the cheese and the pistachio ice cream flavors so I wouldn’t regret it when my family doesn’t like the flavor I chose and I will end up eating the whole tub of ice cream causing me extra calories and an unhealthy diet. Hello thunder thighs and flabby arms!

So when one of my blogger friends invited me to try out this new flavor from this Ice Cream joint I wasn’t really that optimistic and tried to lower my expectations simply because I didn’t like to be disappointed but then again maybe first impressions don’t always last especially in this case.

They keep their products covered for it not to be exposed to dirt and to maintain its unique taste

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IPPUDO Introduces its new Clam Chowder Ramen!

I have always believed in having a healthy work life balance. Simply put, you also have a life outside your work. That’s why I always list down my goals in my planner and keep tabs on it once in a while to ensure that I am making progress on my goals.

So far I guess I am on the right track since aside from working in my 9-5 job on a daily basis after work I usually go to the gym and ensure that I eat right, meaning I include more veggies and healthy options in my staple diet nowadays. Aside from that, I get to attend events again as much as my time permits and I am also entertaining other speaking engagements in the coming months. So before I get all consumed up once again in how my life had been these past few weeks let me recount first one of the foodie invites I went to just last week in Megamall. 🙂


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Mother’s Day 2017: Luto ni Nanay sa Salu

It’s been two weeks since we celebrated Mother’s Day with my Lola and my Mom and what better way to give tribute to the 2 women who raised us and toiled all these years just to ensure to give us a good future than to treat them out for lunch and give them tokens of our appreciation to them.

My Mom in her toga during her College Graduation

With that said, just a couple of weeks back I got invited to a sit down lunch at Salu Restaurant in the confines of Tomas Morato and since it was near our place of residency after mass we went straight there to the place to celebrate Mother’s Day as well. 

Their walls were adorned with lovely saying and words of wisdom from the ages

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Burger King launches its Four Cheese Whopper

It’s almost the half of the year already. Hello May! 🙂 I guess you really lose track of the time especially if your busy. The first half of the year for me had been quite fruitful from finishing my MBA degree to attending family reunions since my uncles from the States came home after a long time to balancing work duties with my events.

Looking forward to many more changes in the coming months, now that I am officially done with my school I’m pondering on where to spend my spare time. Either I would consider teaching as a part time Professor in my Alma Matter to share my knowledge or go back to school and take up another degree or maybe attend more events and build on my online portfolio and pursue my hobby 🙂

Nonetheless, amidst all of these one thing is for sure I would still continue on attending events maybe not as often anymore since I’m also dabbling into other things as of the moment but for sure I would try to spare time for my hobby 🙂 With that being said, let me recount the recent foodie event I attended in Burger King where  they introduced their new King 🙂 Read on to find out how it all boiled down 🙂

Enjoying my down time by catching up with old friends 🙂 

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New Find: El Chapos at the Yard

It’s been another good old two weeks since I last updated my blog. I missed blogging big time! 😦 Maybe this year I’ll make it a point to spare a day or two to just compose and draft articles so that I would not have to contend with all my backlogs and end up procrastinating during the last minute. 

Anyway, as January comes to a close a lot of remarkable events had transpired and it looks like this year is off to a great start. Aside from me finishing off my thesis for my Graduate school and landing a new job in a reputable company. Food ventures and a lot of events had also been in the pipeline of this month so without further ado, let me tell you about my recent venture to the much talked about Food Park within the confines of Katipunan called “The Yard”

Me and one of my pretty blogger friends Via taking selfie before taking photos of the stall. 

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Xiao Nan Men: A Treat for the Palate

It’s the third week of January 2017 and I missed blogging big time. Sorry I had to put writing to the back burner for the last couple of weeks due to other pressing priorities but now that everything seems almost settled down. I’m going back to my usual routine of watching my favorite Korean dramas and pouring out my thoughts once again in this blog before I venture off again to another adventure. 🙂

So for my first entry I would like to recount the Christmas party that we had last December 2016 with my blogger friends from Team Aldous held at the Z Square compound in Banawe.

Me and these pretty girls from Team Aldous 🙂 Never a dull moment with them 🙂

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