How about some Pasto for a night cap?


Since my Dad promised to grace my party with his presence, I somewhat expected him to have a hearty dinner with me and my sister. However, due to work constraints he wasn’t able to make it in time. But, at least he still kept true to his promise and decided to pass by our place and grab some “Midnight snack” since it was way past my bed time already and during the wee hours of the morning.

He wanted to grab some pizza from Shakey’s, but we already had that for dinner so I suggested a different cuisine instead. We drove around the city and we eventually decided to stop at Eastwood City Walk since we were already quite sleepy. Good thing, we came across this still open joint called “Pasto” alongside “Pancake House” and by the drinking pubs in Eastwood City Walk.

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Not just your regular Sundate at Krazy Garlic

Because our mantra is that “Every fleeting moment should be remembered, not forgotten”. We decided to chronicle our daily adventures, new discoveries, food trips and experiences here in this blog. Since, I love to write and we both love trying out new things to widen our horizons and help us grow more. We decided to create this website to share  and document our everyday adventures.

So here goes, last Sunday we decided to spend time after mass scouring out new finds and cheap thrills in the bargain finds of Greenhills, he bought some programs which can aid us in our Video editing and producing our Video Clips that we will be soon posting here too.

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How can something so Wrong be so right all along? :) Wrong Ramen on a Sick Day


Due to the recent changes in the weather condition nowadays, people are more prone to catching the usual “Colds and Cough” .  Unfortunately  I also got myself a dose of this perennial virus. So anyway moving on, since I wasn’t quite my usual upbeat self Pat decided to visit me after work got done and then we headed out to try this new joint which recently opened in Burgos Circle called “Wrong Ramen”. According to him, people who are sick eventually felt better after sipping some hot soup like Chicken Broth.

I didn’t really know what to expect from this place, all I know of is that the owner of this new nook is also the founder and owner of “Pepper” . With the sudden advent of all the Ramen stalls here and there what makes this new place stand out from the rest of it’s competitors? What does it have or what is it’s competitive edge amongst the rest of all the Japanese Ramen places here now in the Metropolis.

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First Dinner Blog post at Espressamente

Guys! 🙂 I’m so ecstatic to get up and about on this Blog that we want to venture into,  Since we love banking on new things and discovering various cuisines. We would like to share our dining experience at Espressamente located at the 2nd Floor of Rockwell Powerplant Mall in Makati. After work, he fetched me and then we headed out to grab a quick bite at Jollibee so we wouldn’t go hungry in class and in my group meeting. We had the Cheesy Bacon Mushroom along with Pineapple Juice and some fries for our quick fix.

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