Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit The La Vista Bazaar

It’s the Christmas Season once again! 🙂 Have you done your Christmas Shopping already? 🙂

Worry no more as more and more Bazaars are popping in here and there around the Metro. To be honest, I love bazaars since not only do I find good deals for my hard earned cash but at the same time I tend to save up a lot since I can bargain with the seller to purchase my goods at a lower cost than their original price which I cannot do inside the malls since they already have a set price. At the same time, these bazaars save me time since all I need are in one place already from food to clothes to shoes to my favorite makeup brands.

In case you’re wondering on why you should drop by at the upcoming La Vista Bazaar here are some of the Top of Mind Reasons why you should swing by LVB this coming weekend.


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Diana Stalder Clinic: A Holistic Approach to Beauty

It’s almost the tail end of the month again, I can’ t believe that time really flies so fast! I know that I might sound like a broken record since I always repeat this but its true. It made me more appreciative of the days and the weekends since I get to rest, unwind and do what I love to do which is attending events and blogging.

For some people it might be an added stress for them to construe sentences and write articles during their downtime but for me its kind of therapeutic in a way since I get to dole out my no-filter thoughts and take on the things around me.

So before I go on about my recent adventure to one of the pioneer skin centers that lives for its promise  in making every individual feel more confident with their body as well as enhance their beauty let me first recount how this week had been for me.

Having my hair treated with my good friend Fey last week while she was finishing off her slides for school 

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October 2016: Of Sunrise and Sunsets

They say the only constant thing in life is change right? Or was it death and taxes? haha. Now I don’t want to sound morbid here or too morose since December is just around the corner ushering in a season of festivities and special occasions so I’ll just keep everything light. 

However, maybe I just don’t feel the Christmas spirit this time around. Not to be a grinch or dampen anyone’s spirit for that matter but I don’t know why I seem to be down as of late. I guess everything happens for a reason and maybe it takes a lot of maturity to be a grown up sometimes. So I guess I would have to do away with my happy disposition or maybe lessen all those things which seem to weigh me down and cause me undue distress. Some things got to give and when you feel that unhappiness constantly lingering in your thoughts. I guess it’s the time wherein you have to check with yourself and re-assess if you’re still on the right track and if this is still what you really want.

Sunsets like these still remind me that there can still be something good in endings.  

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Filipino Bartender Michael Tubiera competes in Miami for the Best Bartender of the World

People have various ways of unwinding after a long and hard week, some prefer to climb mountains on the weekends and be a weekend warrior or try out something new to de-stress themselves like attending events or new product launches or sometimes you just want to go out with your close pals and just have a drink or two while regaling each other with stories of how your day went and the updates on your lives as of late. 

So just last Thursday after attending the press conference for Gatorade, Me and my friend Reign headed out to Rambla Rockwell to have some drinks and meet up also with our blogger friend/ boss blogger Sir Eli from ELifestyleManila.

Me and the Beshies (Reign and Sir Eli) last Thursday night at Rambla

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My First Scuba Diving Experience :)

I have always believed in the age old adage that life begins at the end of your comfort zone and that sometimes we have to veer out from the ordinary to experience the extraordinary things in life which give us much more meaning. 

So finally just last week I was able to tick off another item in my list which was Scuba Diving! 🙂 Yey! 🙂 Cheers to more new adventures and experiences. Been planning to do this for some time now but I wasn’t really keen on pursuing it that much until just recently wherein I messaged my friend from school Rykiel who also happens to be a licensed scuba diver already and is very much involved in this sport since she finds it calming under the sea when the only thing you can hear is the sound of your breathing. It’s like meditating in a whole new world underwater! 🙂 

Our Diving Site that day 🙂 

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Long Locks that Shine at the GlamSquad Salon

It has been a busy roller coaster ride of events for me the past few weeks juggling a couple of activities all at the same time but it was okay I guess what better time to learn time management than now right?  

But of course as ladies we should all learn to take a breather sometimes and unwind, rest and relax ourselves to brace ourselves for another busy week ahead. 🙂 So when I got an invite from Mommy Lariza of MWAH I automatically penciled it in my planner and looked forward to this pampering session at the end of the week. However, since it was a Friday payday that night I wasn’t able to make it in time and ended up getting there after most of them was done and all dolled up so in my resolve to make it early next time I booked myself up for an appointment with them on that same weekend and decided to come in a hour early so as to avoid the traffic. 🙂 Good thing it was a Sunday and due to the weather conditions that day not a lot of people were booked that day so I was easily prioritized after just a few minutes of waiting 🙂 Sometimes it pays to be early! 🙂

So here goes my GlamSquad adventure! 🙂

Upon entering the place I was honestly attracted to their creative interiors since it wasn’t just like your ordinary salon but it was like one from the movies wherein celebrities get all styled and dolled up in their own personal dressing rooms. 

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#ColorYourMood with Freshlook & Air Optix Colors

Contact lenses has become a fashion staple nowadays especially for cosplayers or for those who want to highlight the color of their eyes. Also for those wearing glasses this is also another alternative since aside from it enhancing your vision it also avoids the hassle of dealing with your glasses who may serve as a hurdle especially when you’re taking photos using your DSLR Camera.

I tried using contact lenses before when I was back in High School wherein it became a big hit plus it wasn’t that expensive too that time. I thought it was kinda cool as a fashion statement since it made my chinky eyes looked a little bigger. 🙂 However after a while it kinda irritated my eyes and I stopped using it and became more hesitant with regards to using contacts. It was only after a few years that I realized that I should not sleep on my lenses and that I should always clean it afterwards. I think I know better now and I’m ready once again to use them when the situation calls for it 🙂

What color would you prefer for my eyes?

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Sunday Brunch is now more exciting with Heat SuperBrunch

I love eating out and trying out various new food joints! 🙂 Guess that’s mainly the reason why I became a food blogger in the first place right? From randomly trying out various food stalls and new joints which seems to pop around here and there around the metro to sticking it out with my ultimate favorite food staples like mushrooms and STEAK! 🙂

But of course, I am very much welcome to new adventures and trying out new food joints especially when I get to satisfy my gustatory cravings and when it offers a wide selection of dishes and house specialties to choose from. How can one say no to that? The call of the food is simply irresistible for me so when one of my blogging idols and friends Richie from The Pickiest Eater invited me out for a Sunday Brunch at the HEAT I couldn’t pass up this chance. 🙂 

Me and My Sister during the Sunday Brunch at HEAT

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Jollibee ignites #PinoyAndProud spirit this June

Jollibee, the nation’s number one fastfood chain, threw the biggest, star-studded Independence Day celebration last June 11, 2016 at the Metrotent in Pasig City. The mega-event brought together world-class Pinoy talent for a grand salubong of the 118th anniversary of national independence.

Squad Goals right here with the Jollibee Crew in complete attendance 🙂 

Jolly Friends Yum, Hetty, Jollibee, Twirlie, and Popo reveal their #PinoyAndProud outfits.

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Salcedo Market Celebrates it’s 12th Anniversary! :)

If there’s anything that I love in this life more than embarking on various adventures it is the constant quest to search for new finds and delicious food choices which I can happily share to my friends and loved ones. 🙂

So when I got the chance to go and cover Salcedo Market’s 12th Anniversary early morning yesterday I honestly was quite reluctant to go since it entailed waking up early on a Saturday and if you know me well you would know how much I treasure my weekends since it’s my time to rest after the long busy week but the new experience of heading out there and seeing what’s in store in that place overtook my hesitations and I must say that the early morning rise was definitely worth it! 🙂 So here’s how my first time in the Salcedo Market went by.. 🙂

Droves of people were actually coming in despite the early hours of the Saturday morning and many were already carrying off their week long supply of market finds and fresh produce from the market. I guess it holds true to the saying that the early bird catches the worm especially in cases like these. 🙂 

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