KL goes to Singapore! :)

So just last week me and my best friend Kat decided to embark on another venture this time we’re heading out of the country. Since it was our first time going out of the country together she booked our flight months in advance to take advantage of the low airline fares.

We also found ourselves an affordable hotel which was very accessible to their train system and to the major tourist attractions.

So with a lot of planning especially on Kat’s part since she is a seasoned traveler she already drafted our itinerary and even secured us tickets to the USS (Universal Studios in Singapore) one of the main highlights of my trip. (Thanks Bes! You’re the best)

Me and my best friend from High School Kat making some wacky poses during our visit to USS. 

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July 2016 Updates and Bucket Lists..

I have always believed in widening your horizons and making the most of your time since even as a little girl I would always have my handy notebook with me so that whenever I had some random thoughts I would automatically pen it in my notebook and it would not be lost or forgotten and left to just a random passing thought.

However, as I grew older and as time eventually passed by I realized that I had to take control of my life and having a planner was inevitable since it makes me more organized as to the things that needs attending to. So when blogging came around it served as my online outlet and diary of all the things and random musings that I have on a daily basis. So for this month here goes..

Our Talents for our Corporate Shoot

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Happy Birthday to Me! :)

It has so far been a whirlwind of events again for me the past few weeks since school started once again and work had been nothing short of amazing. They say that when you choose a job you should also choose a boss you can be comfortable working with, comfortable discussing your career plans and probably the things you need to further hone and improve your skills.

I was glad that for the past year or so since I’m already turning a year older in our company and another year older also in my age since June 3 marks my natal day my boss had been supportive since Day 1 teaching me things beyond my comfort zone and being supportive in my studies.

Thank you for this rich, chocolate caramel filled cake and also for the banner which was plastered on our walls on the eve of my birthday 🙂 Made me feel a lot more special 🙂

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“DLC Backpackers, Your Travel Expert- The latest modern travel trend—Now in the Philippines!”

Backpacking has definitely arrived — not just as a popular mode for traveling but as a way of life. I love Backpacking since it tends to shy away from the conventional way of traveling in a tour group with a set itinerary and time constraints. Basically when you’re backpacking you’re all on  your own and it makes you more creative since you have to find ways to survive and get all things on your list done within a certain time frame but it’s all on your terms! 🙂


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Go Shave! Dove Takes Care of Your Underarms

I love wearing sleeveless tops if not only for my flabby arms which might have been caused by my heavy eating due to my food blog so I guess I should control the food that I intake on a daily basis 🙂 But of course another impediment that might stop me from wearing my sleeveless tops and raising my arms above are those moments wherein I forgot to head off to laybare and shave those unwanted underam hair or those dark underarms brought about by my deo or due to shaving. Well, thanks to Dove! 🙂 My underarm worries are no more! 🙂 

Me wearing one of my favorite tops after a full meal 🙂 

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MAPFRE Insular’s ‘MAiassist’ Mobile App Revolutionizes Roadside Assistance

Traffic is such a conundrum to car drivers who are always on the go like me. Add to it the hassle of encountering / being involved in accidents on the road (Knock on wood) or what if suddenly your engine would not start anymore due to the lack of gas since due to being stuck for almost 4 hours in the hellish traffic my car ran out of gas and it got towed..

This personally happened to me a few months back so I can testify to the great inconvenience it has brought on me and also to the other drivers as well. 🙂 Good thing! I called up P and inquired on the numbers to call so aid was quick to come by. 

MAiassist APP 2

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Choose your Seats Online and have a Hassle Free Bus Ride! :)

The APEC Summit creates a four-day holiday for the tenants of Metro Manila. Flights are being cancelled and the flow of traffic is expected to thicken within the city as main roads are scheduled to be closed for this congregation, If you’re still thinking about what to do over this long weekend, this hiatus can be best maximized with an out-of-town road trip/adventure to places like Vigan or Laoag.  Vacation mode is so on!!

Square - KaiVigan

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