Stress Buster: Nuat Thai Massage

Since today is my rest day I will get back to blogging on some new movies I watched over the past week, new joints I visited and also some articles which caught my attention these days because aside from it being my creative outlet I also have fun jotting down and sharing my ideas and experiences to others as well.

So here goes. Since I love getting myself massages even during my college days I usually search for new and affordable massage places and invite my friends or my Mom to have a massage session with me once in a while. We also need to have a breather and a break from the daily pressures of work and our other extra-curricula that we do on a daily basis so what better way to unwind than to have a hearty meal and some good old massage to target your pressure points right? 😀 It will definitely make you feel rejuvenated afterwards. Some of the Spa’s I have tried before are: Wensha Spa in Manila, The Spa in Acropolis/ Corinthian Hills,  Ton Ton Traditional Thai Massage, Body Delight Spa and others I cannot remember since I was already too tired to take note or maybe too overwhelmed with the massage.

From the outside
From the outside
Before entering
Before entering

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A Must Watch: Rak of Aegis

When we first heard of this Comedy- Musical coming up we (Me and my Office mates) immediately inquired about their ticket sales and available slots. We were quite stunned that most shows were already fully booked and sold out so we ended up purchasing a ticket dated at August 23, 2014 at 8pm on a Saturday night at the PETA theater.
Aegis songs which were comprised of an all female group became popular in the 90’s.  Their songs were all about unrequited love, broken hearts and dreams which were shattered in the process.  (A tad melodramatic it seems right? ).  Their powerful vocals which resonated throughout the stage whenever they perform are something to really look forward to. So we just couldn’t contain our excitement when we heard that these songs from the powerful all girl group rock band were being made into a comedy musical play. We were eager to see how everything would eventually come into play and pan out.
My Ticket
My Ticket


Rak of Aegis
Rak of Aegis


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Nuvali, Nuvali but You

Our first out of town trip as a couple with my sister tagging along with us since we also wanted her to have fun and have a great time we decided to invite her. We (Me and Krizel) fetched Pat from their place after loading up on some gas first (Hey you have to be prepared for these trips).

Anyway, we headed off to Nuvali since we still had a family dinner around 7pm at my uncle’s place to celebrate Mother’s Day with the family and Pat was also invited! 😀 (Yey!) We left Manila around 10am and since it was already quite late when we headed out we also arrived there a little past lunch already. We were even thinking of stopping over at Tagaytay, however due to the time constraints we decided to just stick it out at Nuvali.

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Photobooth Master’s: Taking Photography to a whole new level

Since one of our paradigms in life is that: Memories should be documented not forgotten entirely. Me and Pat decided to build a business exuding just that motto, so what better way to document and immortalize your memories than to have your photos taken at any event that you will go.

Guess what’s hip? What’s new? and something cool and awesome to do? Book us as your photo booth for your upcoming event or any occasion that you would like to celebrate. We cater to a vast array of occasions whether it may be your sweet 16 birthday bash, your 18th birthday, your wedding, anniversary, school and corporate affairs  and also your kid’s first birthday.

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Sip and Gogh

It’s been almost a week and three days since I last updated our blog. Anyway, with work and school and all the other stuff and fun activities that I want to do lining my calendar for the coming months. We tried out something new again and this time it’s one in the name of art.

I have always wanted to paint and play with colors, much more make my own masterpiece from a blank canvass just like an “art genius” or a much esteemed painter. However, I wasn’t gifted with that kind of talent so I guess we just have to make do of what God bestowed unto us and develop our God given gifts to our fullest potential.

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Discovering Cebu -Bohol in March

Since we wanted to appease the inner wanderlust in us, we decided to book a flight nearby to a place that we haven’t gone to before. So this marks the start of our Cebu- Bohol adventure. We left our home at about 4am in the morning since Mom wanted to avoid the perils and hassle of the long queue and to make us relaxed when we board our flight. We decided to come in to the airport early, even though our flight was not until 7am. Anyway, to make the long story short we eventually had some breakfast first at a nearby joint in the airport while waiting for our flight to be called. The Azkals and the Younghusbands were even there at the airport during that time which caused quite a ruckus in a way.

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Sagada, A Back packing adventure to remember

“You Only Live Once” or Y.O.L.O is one of my most important mantra’s in life. Life is too short to waste worrying about “What ifs?” “What will happen?” or “Will it ever pan out in the end?” I’m not saying, you delve into something headfirst without thinking of the repercussions. What I’m trying to point here is that you should “Follow your heart” and “Live the life you always wanted” with of course noting some calculated risks along the way.

I want to be the one, 20, 30, 40 or 50 years from now looking back at my old posts and photos and smiling at all those remarkable memories I left behind and all the things I tried out of my comfort zone (Just like the saying “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”). I want to do a lot of things, to traverse the world as the years progress, I want to read and peruse as much articles as I can, I want to write and chronicle all my “Awesome” and “Exciting” food trips, laugh trips and road trips along the way. So, here I am now making the most out of life by slowly exposing myself to various places and things that I haven’t tried out before. Expand your horizons. Be happy, because life is too short to be anything but happy.

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