K-drama Review: Birth of a Beauty & A Healthy Milk Tea Discovery from PMS

The past few days just flew by so quickly and in just a few days we are turning again another leaf in our calendars and will be welcoming the 3rd month of the year which is March. The month, where a lot of our family members will be holding their birthdays.

That said, before I veer off from the topic again, let’s first discuss this K-drama that I have been binge-watching for a past few nights now. Since I cannot spend the whole day watching K-drama’s due to my other pressing priorities, I can only allot a couple of hours to binge watch which is around 3-4 hours daily which is more of less around 3-4 episodes since each episode lasts for an hour or more.

With one of my favorite drinks now while binge watching on Netflix
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Top Tips on Social to help Small Businesses

I have been on the consuming end lately rather than creating more, binge watching on this Kdrama I found on Netflix called Birth of a Beauty, wherein it exposes the bias that we have to those on the plus size of the spectrum, aside from that the series also gives its take on self-love and on empowering yourself to achieve more and going out of your comfort zone to pursue what you really want doing. Like what they say, find your fire and your passion.

Aside from that, I have been playing more mobile games and reading up on this new book I found on Kindle, so I am trying to counter my lazy mindset for the past few days and get back up and start working and being productive once again.

Source: Pexels

To end this week since it’s a Friday, I have decided to whip up a list of things that small business owners can use and explore when promoting their businesses online since most of us are still stuck at home, the best way to reach your customers and generate more engagement is through the power of using online media platforms. So without further ado, here goes.

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Top Lessons I Learned from My First Year of Marriage

Well what do you know, it’s another year and another Valentine’s Day again. Even after the tumultuous year that was 2020, comes in a new year filled with hope and gratitude since we are still alive and breathing despite all the curveballs 2020 hurled towards us.

I am excited with what this year holds for us, not only with regards to my personal growth as a person, but also with what opportunities lies ahead of me in my career. So far, aside from maintaining my day job, I have also dabbled into online selling, got more active with blogging wherein I have so far been consistent in publishing at least 1-2 articles per week and have also got other side gigs in the form of being a content/ ghost writer and a resource person in a focus group discussion for a glossy but has now fully transitioned to a digital resource for fashion and style tips.

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Saving up on Space? Try these Dining Room Furniture from Our Home

Curating your dining room furniture, can be quite overwhelming especially for those noobs who don’t have any experience in managing a household just like me. Ever since I was born, I used to live with my Mom and Grandmother and they would do all the budgeting, maintenance of the household and changing of all the home decors depending on what season it is of the year. These are just some of those challenges which might faze you once you enter another phase in your life, which is #adulting or when you decide to have a family of your own.

Image from Unsplash
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Ways on How to Achieve Glowing Skin in your 30’s

I have been binge watching Kdrama’s on Netflix as of late, since what else is there to do at home after finishing off your errands and your work right? I’m not really a big fan of working out, blame the laggard in me, so I can’t really resonate with all those workout videos online which seems to work for others.

But hey, to each his own right? So to keep myself in check, I just opt for other healthy alternatives instead, like taking the stairs as much as I can when I have deliveries to pick up in our condo lobby. So back to all these Kdramas that I have been binge watching on, a common theme amongst all their leads is the pore less and impeccable skin that they have. I’m not sure if they were innately born with such good skin but of course to maintain it they also have to do some work right?

Due to other priorities like sanitation, stacking up on the essentials and disinfecting equipment at home. Our skincare routine has been on the backburner for quite some time now, so read on to know how we can still have that glowing façade despite being indoors most days due to the lockdown still being in place.

Before heading to my Mom’s house for her birthday last week
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Investments you should make in your 30’s

Ah, another year and another birthday coming right up my alley in a few months’ time. Gone were the days when you just used to party until the break of dawn, ask allowance from your parents since they will surely cover for you anyway right? And just have a great time being a kid. Welcome to your 30’s where a new chapter begins!

In our 20’s we would usually spend on shopping sprees and just head out with friends without a care in the world. Some would say, its true for them, for others not so much. Whatever your personal journey is, consider it unique since it all boils down to being you as a person.

That said, I have rounded up some top investments to make as we all enter a new age and year.

Investments you need to make in your 30’s for a happier and more fulfilled life.
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How to Budget your Household Expenses like a Pro!

Are you always stressing over your due dates whenever the mailman comes to deliver your envelope containing your water/ electricity bills? Or in my case, whenever I get an email or sms notification regarding my monthly billables.

Are you always caught in a predicament as to how to pay off your debts despite making decent money? If you fit the bill, then we have all been there. Would you like to learn how to:

  • Pay your living expenses without hurting your daily operating expenses?
  • Keep debts to a manageable level?
  • Save for the extras that make life enjoyable?
  • Avoid constant money anxiety?
Found this quote from Pinterest and decided to use it in this post as it hits close to home. Since we all have various ways of paying off our bills. For me and KD we have separated the household expenses to both of us so that we both have accountability in the Operating Expenses of the house. I take charge of paying all the household expenses including the salary of our help and he takes care of our rent.
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Healthy Drinks that You Need to Follow RN

I have been running around like a headless chicken the past few days trying maintain my train of thoughts when drafting my next slew of blog posts but before I venture of again into another write-up, let me first give a refresher of what happened last week at the Selah Garden Hotel in Pasay.

Since events are hard to come by nowadays due to the pandemic and the social distancing restrictions that comes along with it, it was really nice that Anne from Anvassadress, came up with this intimate gathering of content creators to bond, share stories and catch up with each others lives. As a way of making this event fun and engaging for everyone, she pitched to various established and up and coming brands to share with us some of their top selling products so that we can also check it out and review it in our own sites/ socials. For the pre-event post, you can check it out here.

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Top Things I Learned from Kdrama Itaewon Class

Netflix may be best known for its big-budget American-made TV series such as Stranger Things and the likes of it but thanks to its ever-growing clout especially in the International audience, we’re starting to see more and more diversity among Netflix’s content offerings.

Kdramas have been quite popular in the site as of late, garnering top rankings for many months now. What makes it so popular amongst fans is not only the gorgeous actors with impeccable skin that we see on set but also the seamless weaving of the whole plot and how everything eventually comes together beautifully in the end.

That said, I know that I am pretty much late in the game but hey, everyone has his or her own timeline right? So, I got started with this Kdrama a few nights back called Itaewon Class.

Here’s a quick briefer on the storyline.

Source: The Fan Girl Verdict
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When your baby loves your Nanny more than you.

Have you ever experienced this heart-wrenching feeling that arises when your child is sleepy, hurt, or hungry, and they cry for the babysitter to comfort them rather than you?

As working Moms who aside from having a full-time job and hustles also in between to append her income, this might pose as a challenge sometimes for us. As of now, Kaeden sleeps in with his nanny in his room since I get up really early at around 3:30am every day to prepare for my work which is at 4am Manila time and also the room space isn’t really that big to accommodate his crib in our room since we are just renting out a condo space so it’s dimensions, fixtures and furniture are already fixed and there’s not much you can do with the current space so I just have to make do of spending as much time as I can with him once I finish all my listed tasks for the day.

Last December 2020, wherein we went to Baguio Country Club to check-in and spend the Holidays over by sleeping in and just eating good food with this cutie.
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