4 Essential Home Appliances That Fight COVID-19

The pandemic isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Even if lockdown restrictions have eased, it’s still crucial to fight Coronavirus in your own way. One of the best ways to do this is by getting home appliances specially designed to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection.

Disinfect, purify the air, and clean your belongings properly. Snag these essential home appliances that fight COVID-19.

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AVP Bloggers Event 2021

It’s been quite a while since I last attended a bloggers event and I must say that after a long hiatus and some inconsistencies on my end trying to go back to blogging, I finally came around this pandemic. Since I had some spare time on my hands, not driving to and from work and purely just working from home and with our reliable help at home to help me tend to my son. The situation, forced me to rethink what I really like doing aside from work and my other pressing priorities, which undoubtedly gave me one answer which was: WRITING and Blogging.

After work, I usually just key in my thoughts on my blog and then try to proofread it quickly and then when I deem it to be okay already, I just publish it or just schedule it for posting. I must say, that writing down my thoughts for the past few weeks calms me down and serves as my outlet in a way especially when things tend to go haywire at times.
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Top Lessons We Can All Learn from Netflix’s Start-Up Kdrama

I really haven’t had that much time to watch other Kdrama’s as of late due to the hour long episodes that seems to eat up much of my time thus making me unproductive throughout the day. So I mostly just opt to watch movies now on Netflix since it requires less time plus I can already see the end of the story come together in the middle or at around 30 minutes of watching the movie or so.

I digress, going back to this awesome Kdrama that I watched I few weeks back. I got hooked to it not only because of the hype and the soundtrack that comes along with it but also due to the valuable insights that can be gleaned from this drama. So here goes, some of my top things I learned from watching this series.

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Planning for your Baby’s Birthday and some tea..

They said that nothing great ever comes out from being easy and that good things never came out of comfort zones. The past few days, I have been feeling a little under the weather, it’s like all my motivation to carry on has been lost and went out the window. Maybe it’s because we constantly compare ourselves despite not really meaning to, to what we see on social. People buying this and that at such a young age. Achieving that house, that car and getting to do whatever it is that they want any time of the day. That’s why I decided to just unfollow those accounts for my mental sanity.

That said, I’ll just be focusing on my own personal journey and keep on doing whatever it is that makes me happy which is writing, reading, spending time with people who are closest to me and working on my passion project which is coming up with personalized items and opening up a small scale tea place in the province.

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Top 5 Realizations thus far..

This 2021, I am getting rid of a lot of old photos on my phone, deleting them in my internal memory and uploading them to my cloud drive so that my phone wouldn’t be cluttered with various photos throughout the years and also to make way for new memories and photos this 2021.

So before I digress again, let me let you in on my thoughts as we embark on another new year ahead.

2020 made me evaluate better my priorities in life and where I should go from there. I realized that above everything else, health should always come first because how can you progress to your other goals when your health is slowly deteriorating right? Another thing that we should always keep in mind is that our family will always be there for us through the good, bad and the ugly.
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A Lookback on 2020, The Year that was.

It’s the last vacation day for me as we resume work again tomorrow morning, or in my case later at 4am EST which is around 1pm PST in San Francisco, CA since the Company that I am working for is based there.

A lot of things had been swirling through my mind as of late, as I constantly question my purpose and my overall direction in life. From being an immature, self-centered single lady who just went with the flow and pushed further to reach her goals no matter what it took, to now being a Wife, Home Manager, Employee, Entrepreneur and a newly minted Mom.


I admit that I still have a lot of learning to do especially when it comes to compromising, managing a household and being a Mom. To be honest, I do not even have all those master chef skills that you see on TV. But, I am making a resolution to at least give it a try and try to learn a thing or two about whipping up a sumptuous feast and surprise my family for once with my cooking even though I don’t really have that innate talent for it. 

So before I get lost again and off track, let me walk you through how these months have been for all of us here as we embark and welcome another new year ahead of us!

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Investing in jewelry pays dividends

The current situation that we are all faced with has got us all reevaluating our priorities and investments. How far along can we go by without our stable employment? Do we still have recurring revenue streams even without the guarantee of a stable employment? Or do we have assets or precious heirlooms which we can monetize or easily convert to cash once the push comes to a shove?

That said, jewelry have always been connected to human culture since time immemorial. These beautiful adornments continue to hold real meaning and value. Throughout the course of history, jewelry has been offered as a trophy, an amulet, and sometimes, even art. It perfectly symbolizes love, a celebration of milestones, and of course, the ultimate representation of wealth.

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Having my Gel Polish at Nail IT Salon Connecticut

Achieving  work- life balance is never an easy feat, but allowing yourself to indulge in a little “solo-time”, even for just an hour, is a great way to start balancing out your career and your personal life. Before you head home (or even during your lunch break), treat yourself to a quick massage, or better yet, get a fresh manicure because a mani-pedi session is always a quick way to feel pampered, especially with nail salons that go beyond delivering a simple mani and pedi service, offering complimentary massages and even detoxifying hand, foot, and skin treatments! 

Me donning on my mask below their Illuminated logo
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PH Digicon 2020 tackles the IMPACT of digital on the new future of work

Conventions and Events gathering the top decision makers of various SME’s around the country has also pivoted to take on a different platform due to the current situation that we are faced with. Due to the restrictions placed by the Government on “Social Distancing” as the new normal, public gatherings and massive events are advised to be minimized or restricted to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 virus and infecting others as well. Hence, Companies had to adjust and move their events onto the Digital Sphere while ensuring that the full-blown experience would still be the same for its valued partners and attendees.

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Christmas Shopping with Shopee’s 11.11-12.12 Christmas Sale

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so they say, It’s Christmas time once again, and despite all the ruckus and ups and downs of 2020. With the pandemic happening, my Dad’s partner passing away due to Covid-19 and our whole family getting infected with the virus. At least we are still alive and well at the end of the day. So I guess that is still something to be thankful for right? And despite the pandemic and the massive layoffs and businesses which closed. At least me and my husband are still gainfully employed and can still provide for our little one and small family.

A rare yet heartwarming moment depicting Daddy Doc carrying 9 month old Kaeden in his arms.
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