First Dinner Blog post at Espressamente

Guys! 🙂 I’m so ecstatic to get up and about on this Blog that we want to venture into,  Since we love banking on new things and discovering various cuisines. We would like to share our dining experience at Espressamente located at the 2nd Floor of Rockwell Powerplant Mall in Makati. After work, he fetched me and then we headed out to grab a quick bite at Jollibee so we wouldn’t go hungry in class and in my group meeting. We had the Cheesy Bacon Mushroom along with Pineapple Juice and some fries for our quick fix.

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Hi baby, want to dedicate the first post in our site to you..


Just came across this while browsing the net and it pretty much sums up why you are my happiness.. i love you so much baby.. hope you don’t find this poem too cheesy.. -Pat

You are the reason why i look forward to tomorrow

You’re the reason why
I no longer feel sorrow
and the reason why
I look forward to tomorrow

You’re the reason why
I dream at night
And the reason why
I don’t give up without a fight

You’re the reason why
I look forward to a bran new day
Cause i know that You’ll
Always have something sweet to say

You’re the reason why
my heart skips a beat
and the reason why
I won’t accept defeat

You’re the reason For
the smile on my face
and why i now see
Life’s beauty and Grace

You’re the reason why
My tears no longer drip
why i feel happiness inside of me
that makes me wanna skip

You’re the reason why
I do that stupid happy dance
And the reason why I
Gave love another chance

You’re the reason why
I overcame my fears
and the reason why
i don’t cry those lonely tears

That makes me happy.

Love you so much baby.. will never give up on us.. you’re my forever love..