Sagada, A Back packing adventure to remember

“You Only Live Once” or Y.O.L.O is one of my most important mantra’s in life. Life is too short to waste worrying about “What ifs?” “What will happen?” or “Will it ever pan out in the end?” I’m not saying, you delve into something headfirst without thinking of the repercussions. What I’m trying to point here is that you should “Follow your heart” and “Live the life you always wanted” with of course noting some calculated risks along the way.

I want to be the one, 20, 30, 40 or 50 years from now looking back at my old posts and photos and smiling at all those remarkable memories I left behind and all the things I tried out of my comfort zone (Just like the saying “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”). I want to do a lot of things, to traverse the world as the years progress, I want to read and peruse as much articles as I can, I want to write and chronicle all my “Awesome” and “Exciting” food trips, laugh trips and road trips along the way. So, here I am now making the most out of life by slowly exposing myself to various places and things that I haven’t tried out before. Expand your horizons. Be happy, because life is too short to be anything but happy.

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Spotted: Mom at Mary Grace

Since my Mom, monitors all the predominant big key hospitals in the Medical Industry she sometimes passes by my work place to monitor how their company sales are going along and of course to see me and treat me to some snacks or lunch. (What a sweet and thoughtful Mom! Love you!).  So moving on, I was going about my work one fine day as usual when Mom called me up and said “I’m here now at the Ground Floor, Are you free?” Good thing I was already out of duty that time so we decided to grab a delectable meal in Mary Grace.

Mary Grace, has carved a name for itself due to its delectable desserts like the black velvet, apple pies,heavenly cheese rolls and melt-in-your mouth ensaymadas. My favorite of all time is their  Creamy Carbonara pasta, come pay day me and my friends would usually head out here to treat ourselves to some pasta and sweets. Mom decided to try something new this time around and ordered the Peach Iced Tea (Mind you, this was really good! The specs of sugar can be really tasted in this drink).

My Peach Iced Tea for the win!
My Peach Iced Tea for the win!
Another closer shot at my drink which I gobbled up immediately
Another closer shot at my drink which I gobbled up immediately

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How about some Pasto for a night cap?


Since my Dad promised to grace my party with his presence, I somewhat expected him to have a hearty dinner with me and my sister. However, due to work constraints he wasn’t able to make it in time. But, at least he still kept true to his promise and decided to pass by our place and grab some “Midnight snack” since it was way past my bed time already and during the wee hours of the morning.

He wanted to grab some pizza from Shakey’s, but we already had that for dinner so I suggested a different cuisine instead. We drove around the city and we eventually decided to stop at Eastwood City Walk since we were already quite sleepy. Good thing, we came across this still open joint called “Pasto” alongside “Pancake House” and by the drinking pubs in Eastwood City Walk.

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The Big Question: Is She the one?

Do you sometimes ask yourself if she is the one? Then there is a 50% chance she may be by just thinking about it. I know from experience that this is not an easy question and some guys tend to confuse love for infatuation, especially in this day and age it is not hard to mix up the two when your carried away by unreasoned passion or love which is infatuation (got the meaning from Wikipedia just in case you’re wondering).  Anyways I’m veering of topic, so let’s get back to business.

So how did I know that she is the one you might ask.

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Not just your regular Sundate at Krazy Garlic

Because our mantra is that “Every fleeting moment should be remembered, not forgotten”. We decided to chronicle our daily adventures, new discoveries, food trips and experiences here in this blog. Since, I love to write and we both love trying out new things to widen our horizons and help us grow more. We decided to create this website to share  and document our everyday adventures.

So here goes, last Sunday we decided to spend time after mass scouring out new finds and cheap thrills in the bargain finds of Greenhills, he bought some programs which can aid us in our Video editing and producing our Video Clips that we will be soon posting here too.

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Belting it out at Music 21 Jupiter Street

    Since my Birthday falls on a weekday and since I presumed that most of my friends wouldn’t be able to make it since it’s a working weekday I decided to hold it on a Saturday night instead with the girls.

K-pub or the Korean Pub (This new joint along the Fort) was the original option however due to budgetary constraints (The cost would be at 500 php per head and it’s a Meat all you can buffet but it is only valid for 1 hour)  and also the number of hours we were to bond I opted for a more budget friendly venue. That alone, leads us to why we are here at Music 21 Jupiter Street.

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How can something so Wrong be so right all along? :) Wrong Ramen on a Sick Day


Due to the recent changes in the weather condition nowadays, people are more prone to catching the usual “Colds and Cough” .  Unfortunately  I also got myself a dose of this perennial virus. So anyway moving on, since I wasn’t quite my usual upbeat self Pat decided to visit me after work got done and then we headed out to try this new joint which recently opened in Burgos Circle called “Wrong Ramen”. According to him, people who are sick eventually felt better after sipping some hot soup like Chicken Broth.

I didn’t really know what to expect from this place, all I know of is that the owner of this new nook is also the founder and owner of “Pepper” . With the sudden advent of all the Ramen stalls here and there what makes this new place stand out from the rest of it’s competitors? What does it have or what is it’s competitive edge amongst the rest of all the Japanese Ramen places here now in the Metropolis.

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