Time to don on those running gear for Gatorade’s Run this November!

I cannot believe it’s almost been a full week again since I last updated my blog. Wish there was another day between Saturday and Sunday or perhaps I might just opt to work at home. Haha. I wish. Anyway, another full week had transpired and my weekend was spent mostly catching on reruns of my favorite series. Since I already got done watching Suits, I moved on to watching GG (Gossip Girl) I know it’s outdated and the last episode might have aired years back but hey, who doesn’t love drama and the cunning plot twists brought about by the privileged Upper East Side Kids 🙂 I also watched a couple of episodes of Grey’s Anatomy! 🙂

TBH, I have been a fan of these kinds of series since I was in college I love all the action which transpires in the ER and how the lives of these talented and brilliant doctors seem to intertwine with their patient’s cases. So anyway, before I veer off topic again and go into an endless tirade of what happened last week let me refresh my memory first with everything that transpired starting last Thursday night when I attended the press conference of the Gatorade Run which was held in one of the conference rooms of the posh F1 Hotel located in BGC.

The Press E- Invite they sent to us last week 

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