A Lookback on My 2016..

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I last updated my blog. A few even messaged me on the lack of blog posts these past few months. I guess that I just had too many things going on in my life at that moment that sometimes I just need to  STOP. PAUSE and LOOK BACK on my goals and check if I was on track with everything. I usually write based on my emotions.

I can say that most of the time when I write my emotions are at it’s peak or when I’m melancholic I tend to express my feelings and just put everything out in writing. 

Looking back on my 2016, the year that was filled with ups and downs but then again as I turn a new page in my book I would have to recount all the pertinent lessons that 2016 brought to me. Good bye 2016 and hello 2017! 🙂 I’m ready for you! 🙂 

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Time to don on those running gear for Gatorade’s Run this November!

I cannot believe it’s almost been a full week again since I last updated my blog. Wish there was another day between Saturday and Sunday or perhaps I might just opt to work at home. Haha. I wish. Anyway, another full week had transpired and my weekend was spent mostly catching on reruns of my favorite series. Since I already got done watching Suits, I moved on to watching GG (Gossip Girl) I know it’s outdated and the last episode might have aired years back but hey, who doesn’t love drama and the cunning plot twists brought about by the privileged Upper East Side Kids 🙂 I also watched a couple of episodes of Grey’s Anatomy! 🙂

TBH, I have been a fan of these kinds of series since I was in college I love all the action which transpires in the ER and how the lives of these talented and brilliant doctors seem to intertwine with their patient’s cases. So anyway, before I veer off topic again and go into an endless tirade of what happened last week let me refresh my memory first with everything that transpired starting last Thursday night when I attended the press conference of the Gatorade Run which was held in one of the conference rooms of the posh F1 Hotel located in BGC.

The Press E- Invite they sent to us last week 

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Choose a Guy with the Saktong Pogi Looks! :)

They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder right? So why do girls chase after those good looking modelesque guys with those taut 6 pack washboard abs 🙂 Why not go for those guys who have a great sense of humor? An Intelligent Mind with whom you can have intellectual discourses with and someone with that CONFIDENCE X Factor? 🙂

Before you even widen your eyes and ask yourself if you read it right, let’s clear one thing: “sakto” shouldn’t be taken as synonymous to “average.” Sure, average guys are still capable of attracting certain girls, but the truth is most women aren’t satisfied with the basics. Men being merely pogi isn’t that exciting for them anymore either. “We want more!” 🙂 Comes the clamor of more and more women of this generation.

The poster for that night wherein 4 Saktong Pogi contenders with their wingmen tried to persuade Jinri to pick them and the lucky winner would have a one on one date with her that night at the VIP Table 🙂

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Happy Birthday to Me! :)

It has so far been a whirlwind of events again for me the past few weeks since school started once again and work had been nothing short of amazing. They say that when you choose a job you should also choose a boss you can be comfortable working with, comfortable discussing your career plans and probably the things you need to further hone and improve your skills.

I was glad that for the past year or so since I’m already turning a year older in our company and another year older also in my age since June 3 marks my natal day my boss had been supportive since Day 1 teaching me things beyond my comfort zone and being supportive in my studies.

Thank you for this rich, chocolate caramel filled cake and also for the banner which was plastered on our walls on the eve of my birthday 🙂 Made me feel a lot more special 🙂

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Party all night long while Running at the Color Manila Run this May 28,2016! :)

This year one of my goals is to travel and scratch off a few of my list in my handwritten bucket list that I made at the start of the year.I am slowly making progress and I am happy to say that in a span of 4 months since January I have already significantly come out of my comfort zone slowly 🙂

I love trying out new things and exploring new terrains so after swimming and diving off in the pristine beaches of Coron Palawan last month. I just came down from the mountains of Quezon from my first ever camping/ backpacking trip while stargazing and attending an indigenous Music Fest! 🙂 Also I registered myself in one of the most exciting events of this year! 🙂 Nothing less than the: COLOR MANILA RUN ! 🙂 

I just could not pass up the chance to attend this once in a lifetime colorful event which will surely be a blast 🙂

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Philippine Property Awards 2016 at the Fairmount Makati Winners

Last week, I was invited to grace the prestigious Philippine Property Awards at the Fairmount Raffles Building in Makati. It was my first time covering this event and since I now work in the Real Estate Development Sector I was kinda familiar with some of the Developers who were also nominated and shortlisted in the various categories. 

The event commenced in the evening wherein flocks and droves of property developers and business leaders all graced the event.

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Blue Water Day Spa announces Kim Chui as their new Brand Ambassador and introduces their new 4 Hand Massage! :)

After coming from a much relaxing vacation in the shores of Coron. I am definitely back again to the daily grind  and with so much to do on a daily basis I cannot resist the urge to go to a nearby spa and of course pamper myself once again because we girls deserve it 🙂

So when I got an invite to drop by the Media Launch of the newest face of Blue Water Day Spa, I just knew that this is something that I just would not want to pass up. I immediately braved the car ridden thoroughfares of EDSA to get to Luxent Hotel where the launch was held.

Island Girl feels 🙂 Wish I can go back again! 🙂 The pristine lakes and seas were a must see 🙂 

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Great Finds at the Row 101: Summer Pop Up Bazaar

I don’t know about you but for me, I love anything that is hip, fun, quirky and most of all worth my hard earned moolah! 🙂 Good thing last week I was invited over to grace the Media Invite of the Row 101: Summer Pop Up Bazaar which was flocked by bloggers, celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike at the Blackboard Restaurant in the Podium. 🙂

Thank you to Marj Sia for my Media Invite! 🙂 I definitely had a great time 🙂 

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Eau Thermale Avene introduces Hydrating Make-up Remover

Cosmetic products exist to help women improve their facial features or cover imperfections.

But while an average woman uses 12 different products everyday—which all in all contains about 170 ingredients according to a research by U.S. organization Skin Deep—their desire to look good might do more harm than good especially when proper skin regimen is not practiced.

This is the very reason why Eau Thermale Avène—the leading dermo-cosmetic brand in Europe—recently invited some of the country’s most prestigious beauty and wellness bloggers and members of the media at the Salon Beauvoir in Makati, City to educate them on how to properly care for their skin before, during and after applying make-up.


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New Year New Me for 2016 :)

It’s January 4,2016! 🙂 The first working day after the long hiatus and break from all the work last year 🙂 Whohoo! 🙂 Wish it could have lasted a little longer but hey I’m not complaining 🙂 Just a little wishful thinking 🙂 

A lot of things have already transpired last year 2015 and I must say it has been such an adventurous roller coaster ride of emotions for me from the highest of the mountains to the lows of the valleys since it kind of pushed me to my limits, helped me find my niche in the Corporate World and I went out of my comfort zone a couple of times too this year 🙂 

Cheers to the New Year which will bring about new beginnings! 🙂

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