Ace Water Spa Weekend

Since I make it a point to allot at least one day of my weekend for fitness and fun we decided to try out this relaxing and fun Water Spa place in Pasig that we heard great reviews about.

P purchased this deal from Metrodeal and surprised me with a visit to Ace Water Spa in Pasig which had various amenities like locker rooms, a sumptuous buffet spread which would amount to 500 only when you purchase a deal from the original price of 700 without the voucher, an unlimited access to all their jet pools, lap pool, saunas, a steam room, hot herbal pools and a very cold as in like freezing temperature pool! 🙂


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Hotel Slumber Party Weekend

We all know the saying that your 20’s are the time for you to explore, go to places, travel, read a lot, discover new cuisines, find the happiness you deserve and never settle for something less than what you deserve. This is the time to search for what really makes you happy. Who says you can’t right? Sometimes honey, dreams do come true if you only have the right mindset and focus. Dare to dream and go out of your comfort zone and live the life you were always meant to have. That diet that you keep putting off for I don’t know how long? Get started on that! :), the book that takes you like forever to read? Start with one chapter a day, that blog you always wanted to set up and update? Write away! :), that mountain that you only dare dream of conquering? Practice on your office stairways :). Nothing is impossible until you say so.

Mom and her High School Loves
Mom and her High School Loves


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