We all know that life can get really busy at times, especially for us moms wherein we have to juggle our full-time jobs, running our business, taking care of our kids on a day to day plus managing the household and ensuring that all the supplies are well- stocked and the needs of your kids are well attended to.

However, despite our busy schedules we should never forget to take care of our health and skin as well since having great skin is one of the biggest assets we can have as well as having a nice smile without cavities or dental caries.

That’s why I make it a point to always stock up on our essential vitamins at home, ensure that I dab on sunblock and moisturizer even when I am just working from the confines of my home and seated on my working desk.

Investing on my skincare routine is a must, especially now that I am already in my 30’s and not getting any younger. Need to maintain a healthy supply of the collagen in my body and skin to avoid those evident signs of aging like sagging skin and the appearance of crow’s feet and wrinkles
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