Movie Review: Taken 3

Can I just say first and foremost that I am such a fan of Taken the movie since it began. 🙂 I have watched it from the start until now the excitement in me never seems to wane whenever I hear that another sequel to this much loved, adrenalin filled and much talked about movie will come to hit our cinemas since it’s sure to be a hit!

We almost didn’t get a chance to watch it during its premiere night last January 14, 2014 just a day before the much awaited and highly anticipated Papal Visit to our country wherein hordes of people would surely line up and march along the streets of Manila just to have a glimpse of Christ’s Vicar here on earth.

As I was watching the Pope from our television as he deplaned from the Sri Lankan aircraft I began to feel goosebumps all over! You see he has that effect on the people, that renewed hope amongst us that despite the poverty and all the tribulations we are afflicted with on a daily basis. God still loves us and will cross borders and the widespread oceans just to see us and make us feel we are loved through his messenger the “Pope”.

Okay my emotions are getting the best of me again, going back to the topic here’s a quick trailer of the movie for you to watch and get adrift on what I’m blabbing about.

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Movie Review: How to Train your Dragon 2

Since I was under the weather for the last couple of days because I was really sick and was even rushed to the Emergency room. I was tasked by the Doctor to stay at home and get some rest for me to regain my strength and recuperate so when I get back to work  I will be up and ready to face another day.

So after waking up from my deep slumber for almost half the day and loading up on my medicines, vitamins and liquids. I wanted to while away the time and entertain myself so I decided to watch one of the many movies in my laptop which I haven’t attended to as of late.

I started watching How to train your Dragon part one way way back before in 2010 upon it’s release and I was really enthused throughout the whole course of the movie. The screenplay, animation and the witty retorts from the parties were a surefire way to keep me hooked during the whole 2 hours of the movie.

P and I  started watching it last night before sleep eventually got the best of my senses and then I decided to continue watching it now.  For those who didn’t get the chance to catch a glimpse of this awesome follow up to it’s predecessor “How to train your Dragon 1” Here’s the trailer of the movie. 😀 Happy viewing! 😀

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Guardians of the Galaxy: Movie Review

Guardians of the Galaxy is a 2014 American superhero movie based from the best selling Marvel Comics.

You can pinpoint the exact moment in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy that Peter Quill the protagonist transforms into a genuine movie star. It’s about five minutes in. Peter Jason Quill, a.k.a. Star-Lord, a legendary (in his own mind, at least) outlaw who’s was abducted by a group of mercenaries who were all after their own interests. They eventually settled into a  planet called  Morag  and he availed of its hidden treasures.

The story plot begins when Quill’s mom is on her deathbed and as she breathes her final breath our child protagonist walks out of the hospital and gets abducted by aliens. (I’m not really familiar to this story so please forgive some discrepancies; these interpretations and writings are only borne out of my own observation from the movie.

He eventually settles into the planet called Morag and becomes a rogue outlaw who steals from people even deceiving the one who abducted and adopted him. He gets arrested after having been caught in a combat with a Green Girl (Gamora) She was created to be a secret weapon by someone called “Thanos” (Did I get this right?) Haha. Anyway, moving on they were fighting over an orb (All all powerful titanium ball which contained a velvet stone which possessed such enormous power to those who touches it). They eventually get apprehended after causing much ruckus and disruption and form an unlikely alliance with a raccoon and a talking tree (Groot) who’s vocabulary is limited to the words “I am Groot” (Well this was until the ending comes along.) SPOILER ALERT!

Anyway this certain “orb” was basically the object of the whole movie wherein the characters were becoming crazy protecting it and being careful not to let this guy called “Ronan” get this since it would be put into bad use or self serving interest. (Aren’t they all selfish?). Ronan wanted to be the most powerful God here in the Galaxy and by getting hold of the power of the orb he would be able to destroy worlds which our protagonists are struggling to prevent.

With a lot of battle scenes , action packed in betweens and also some funny and witty retorts along the way this movie is a must watch for me. I may not be that much of a Marvel fan but at the end of the day I definitely had a great time not just because I watched it with Pat but because the movie was awesome. There wasn’t a dull moment and I was at the edge of my seat for most of the movie duration.