Health Hacks to avoid FOMO

Living a healthier lifestyle is not only about eating the proper kinds of food; it is also about exerting the right amount of physical activity per day.  Recent studies have shown that adults need at least thirty minutes of exercise daily, to maintain their healthy and active outlook. 

To be honest, I need help with regards to this area since I sometimes let my emotions get the best of me especially with new cuisines and dishes! 🙂 I get all giddy and hyper upon just smelling the delicious, newly cooked and delectable scent from the dishes percolating through my nostrils so I tend to consume more than what I can burn. 😦 Gotta strike a balance between the food that I intake and those calories that I burn I guess since I’m not getting any younger and I can feel that my metabolism isn’t as fast as it used to be.

Me with my Mom trying to balance our lifestyle by joining fun runs once in a while 🙂 We even participated in their Zumba session soon after 🙂 It’s a great day to burn all those calories away 🙂

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