Take Time to Relax with Blue Water Day Spa

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! With cheers and jeers from our peers just as the holidays are about to commence on again I could not help but be thankful for the year that was 2017 where a lot of changes, challenges, learnings and memories have changed my life 🙂

Just last week I was able to finally walk up the stage of the Henry Lee Erwin Theatre to get my Master’s in Business Administration Diploma as I shook the hand of Fr. Villarin, the President of the Ateneo Loyola Schools. 🙂 It was a surreal feeling since it finally dawned on me that after 3 years of going to night class and taking a leave from work to focus on my thesis, I now have more time to focus on my other pressing priorities and can already move on to greater things since I have more control of my time 🙂

Me and Fey during our Graduation Rehearsal

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