World-renowned Pastry Chefs Open Pastry and Bakery Academy in the Philippines

Do you love cooking? baking? or Perhaps you love to try out new things and something different to add to your already long list of talents and new skills? Maybe you like art or maybe you’re just like me a person who loves to eat 🙂 . Who doesn’t right? Especially with such sumptuous, mouth watering delicacies presented in such an endearing and sophisticated way 🙂 Well, fret not because the newest talk of the town is here to stay from the shores of India and Malaysia this new top pastry school arrives in our shores and will teach us how to make your cakes and oh so yummy treats not only delicious to taste and relish but also will teach you the art of turning it into a masterpiece. 


Master Chefs Niklesh Sharma and Chef Jean-Francois Arnaud
Master Chefs Niklesh Sharma and Chef Jean-Francois Arnaud

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Reviving the Taka: Tesoros showcases Pinoy papier-mâché art

Remember those colorful papier-mâché pieces of horses, angels, and dolls that we would see during town fiestas and local celebrations?


These fanciful figures originated in Paete, Laguna and are called Taka – a Filipino art form that makes papier-mâché figures forms using hand-carved wooden molds.

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City Escape: Pinto Art Gallery and Museum

I have always established travel and adventure goals since I was a child like traveling to at least two domestic destinations and one international destination every year, climbing a mountain while completing a 5k run, watching the sun rise and sun set as I sit back and relax along the mountainside, joining a fun run with some hurdles scattered along the way, solving mysteries with your friends as you escape from the pitch black dark room, screaming my lungs out as I got chased by corpses and zombies in Scream park with my friends, watching an International Broadway play, riding a go kart & jet ski, riding a camel, seeing the windmills, patting a tiger without getting bitten, learning pottery, coursing through the raging rapids, cruising along a lake while singing and eating, island hopping to various virgin islets and snorkeling to see the corals and various underwater treasures and fishes.  Seeing new sights, museums and tasting various cuisines in some hole in the wall food joints. I feel quite blessed since I was able to accomplish all of my goals so far and I am looking forward to ticking most of them off in my bucket list.  Yey! 😀

Photo collage I made which I posted in my Instagram account.
Photo collage I made which I posted in my Instagram account.

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Sip and Gogh

It’s been almost a week and three days since I last updated our blog. Anyway, with work and school and all the other stuff and fun activities that I want to do lining my calendar for the coming months. We tried out something new again and this time it’s one in the name of art.

I have always wanted to paint and play with colors, much more make my own masterpiece from a blank canvass just like an “art genius” or a much esteemed painter. However, I wasn’t gifted with that kind of talent so I guess we just have to make do of what God bestowed unto us and develop our God given gifts to our fullest potential.

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