Get The Royal Treatment With Kim Chui And ATC FatOut

Manila, Philippines –One of the today’s brightest stars came from humble beginnings, from a teenage girl who dreamt of being a celebrity, finally blossomed into one of the brightest stars in the industry of showbiz. Kim Chiu has proven that a simple girl from Cebu can achieve superstar status. It’s almost too easy for her to captivate anyone with her style of acting and her bubbly personality and thanks for her wide support of her fans, she is now dubbed as the Chinita Princess.

Fat Out

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Lose those Love Handles with Redoxin :)

It’s the season to be jolly once again and aside from all those parties, gift giving and reunion with friends this is the season to indulge once again in one of my favorite things to do: Eat Out of course! 🙂

How can you resist these sweets? 🙂
Or this sumptuous feast 🙂

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Aging Gracefully with Grapeseed Oil

Aging is inevitable right? But we can age gracefully through the years even without all those heaps of foundation or cosmetic enhancement. How to do it? You may ask. Well, it’s all about taking control of your life and taking care of your skin so you can be beautiful inside and out 🙂

ATC Grapeseed
ATC Grapeseed has all the right ingredients which will make you beautiful inside and out 🙂

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Because Healthy is the new Sexy with ATC Fat Out! :)

With all my food blogs and the restaurants that I review on a regular I could not help but wonder on the health of my colon. Thinking of getting a complete gastro-colonoscopy one of these days actually to see how my body is coping with all those food that I take in on a regular.

One of my hobbies! :) Eating :) hehe
One of my hobbies! 🙂 Eating 🙂 hehe

Digestive problems such as constipation, diarrhea or flatulence can easily turn a peachy day into a ruined one. Consider colon cleansing. Proponents of colon cleansing believe that removing toxins and body wastes from the colon can help you feel better and improve your bodily functions. As an added bonus, if you’re trying to lessen heaviness and decrease your risk of acquiring colon cancer, colon cleansing achieves both. If you don’t have time to get a colonoscopy check out ATC’s new breakthrough product 🙂

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Keep DENGUE away with STRIKE! :)

Since it is already the rainy season right now and a typhoon is coming up basing from the recent news updates. Mosquito bites are a common occurrence since they thrive in these kinds of weather. 

ATC Strike

Despite continuous studies for the treatment of dengue, the mosquito-borne disease remains to be incurable. Since the epidemic outbreak that started in the Philippines and Thailand in the 1950s, 64 years later, the best discovery to address the deadly fever is still insufficient.

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Want better looking skin without the Filters? Try ATC Grape Seed! :)

Selfie dito, group pic doon.

In this day and age, there’s a widespread obsession with digitally capturing moments and sharing them on social media. I am guilty of this as well, since I am a blogger and I usually admire even the simple beauty in everyday things, also meeting new friends and gaining new acquaintances along the way are a great way to socialize and keep our social lives healthy. 

Since I want all of these memories to be remembered I often take out my camera phone and snap photos here and there of me, the events I usually go to and my new friends that I have met with the same passion  in blogging as me 🙂

Me and my cousin taking a selfie during one of our Family Lunches over at my uncle's crib :)
Me and my cousin taking a selfie during one of our Family Lunches over at my uncle’s crib 🙂

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