Gain that Confidence Back with a reliable Shapewear from Adam and Eve

Whoever said getting pregnant doesn’t weigh you down? Well maybe for a lucky few who doesn’t really experience that much of a weight gain as they carry another human being in their wombs for the next 9 months. But for those regular mortals like me and you, losing that post-partum weight isn’t at all that easy as 1,2,3.

Giving birth to another human being can sometimes take a toll on your body especially if you aren’t sporting a healthy and active lifestyle from the get-go.
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Disciplines to Learn in Life

Happiness does not depend on other people but on yourself and to achieve this you have to put the work in yourself. Here are some top of mind disciplines that we must practice everyday to have a better quality of life and be more productive at the end of everyday.

Personal Growth.
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Light Up your Christmas with Healthy Options

Regrets. In life we would always have these, whether it is regrets about this guy who got away, your body weight due to unhealthy eating and incessant snacking on sweets and junk food, events that you missed out on because you were too busy or relationships with your friends and family which were severed along the years and have caused so much tension between both parties that none of you wants to ever see each other again.

What I have learned in my 20 something years of existence in this world is that regrets and sulking won’t do you any good. You can cry, scream at the top of your lungs, run as fast and as long as you can or you can vent out your emotions in writing 🙂 But what matters most is what you do after. How do you move forward? The way to deal with these types of regrets is to learn your lessons, pick up yourself and never look back. There is no point crying over spilled milk, what is done has been done. Life goes on and people move on. So just keep swimming in this journey called life.

You just need to keep your mind on the goal and just move forward. Everything will pan out in the end, just have faith. 

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Shaburi: A Shabu Shabu Kind of Night

They say that the best things in life come when you least expect it. This age old adage holds true for me  since just last week as I celebrated my birthday my friends, family and KD all connived together to stage a surprise birthday bash for me.

My Love Tank is Full. Thanks for the surprise guys and to KD for making it all possible 🙂 

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Sear Steak Scullery New Food Joint in Banawe!

When one speak of steaks, it usually creates a lot of excitement because it is hard to find good steaks, and most of the time they are expensive. Then comes Sear, the newest steakhouse in Banawe. To be honest, I wasn’t really keen on this place since it just opened and I don’t really frequent Banawe since it’s quite far from where I live and work.  But upon hearing that their speciality was STEAK and with a vast array of other mouth watering gastronomic delights as their other food offerings I just knew in my heart that I was SOLD! 🙂 

Driving to Banawe to check out this new place. 🙂 Despite the torrential downpour caused  by the rain it didn’t deter me from locating this joint and I must say it did not disappoint. 

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My First Scuba Diving Experience :)

I have always believed in the age old adage that life begins at the end of your comfort zone and that sometimes we have to veer out from the ordinary to experience the extraordinary things in life which give us much more meaning. 

So finally just last week I was able to tick off another item in my list which was Scuba Diving! 🙂 Yey! 🙂 Cheers to more new adventures and experiences. Been planning to do this for some time now but I wasn’t really keen on pursuing it that much until just recently wherein I messaged my friend from school Rykiel who also happens to be a licensed scuba diver already and is very much involved in this sport since she finds it calming under the sea when the only thing you can hear is the sound of your breathing. It’s like meditating in a whole new world underwater! 🙂 

Our Diving Site that day 🙂 

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From Singapore to Manila! Annam Noodle Bar Opens in Eastwood!

Last Wednesday since it was a holiday I took the liberty to rest and enjoy my vacation in the middle of the week. Thank you to the current administration for declaring it as a holiday 🙂 I got to catch up on my much needed R&R and then during the evening of that  night I was invited over to try the newest craze in town with regards to Vietnamese Cuisine and being the foodie that I was who am I to refuse a good meal right? 🙂 So since Eastwood was near our place I just took a grab car and got there in less than 15 minutes 🙂 How convenient! 🙂 

Their native menu which we also got the chance to take home 🙂 

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Stargaze the Night Away with the New StarWars Themed Rooms at Victoria Court

It’s Sunday once again! 😦 Meaning another week is about to commence. I don’t know if I should be happy or not because I know that in the weeks to come it’s going to be a surefire roller coaster ride since a lot of deliverables are at stake.

However, I am also happy that I get to learn a lot and that I get to live with the pressure of a stressful work week schedule. It will indeed teach me the core values of learning how to plan out your things to- do and delivering your outputs with quality within the needed time frame. Anyway, just last week I was invited to attend the launch of Victoria Court’s new themed called Space Wars! The newest and most innovative super thematic suite.

The Media Invite sent to my mail 🙂

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Choose a Guy with the Saktong Pogi Looks! :)

They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder right? So why do girls chase after those good looking modelesque guys with those taut 6 pack washboard abs 🙂 Why not go for those guys who have a great sense of humor? An Intelligent Mind with whom you can have intellectual discourses with and someone with that CONFIDENCE X Factor? 🙂

Before you even widen your eyes and ask yourself if you read it right, let’s clear one thing: “sakto” shouldn’t be taken as synonymous to “average.” Sure, average guys are still capable of attracting certain girls, but the truth is most women aren’t satisfied with the basics. Men being merely pogi isn’t that exciting for them anymore either. “We want more!” 🙂 Comes the clamor of more and more women of this generation.

The poster for that night wherein 4 Saktong Pogi contenders with their wingmen tried to persuade Jinri to pick them and the lucky winner would have a one on one date with her that night at the VIP Table 🙂

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Party all night long while Running at the Color Manila Run this May 28,2016! :)

This year one of my goals is to travel and scratch off a few of my list in my handwritten bucket list that I made at the start of the year.I am slowly making progress and I am happy to say that in a span of 4 months since January I have already significantly come out of my comfort zone slowly 🙂

I love trying out new things and exploring new terrains so after swimming and diving off in the pristine beaches of Coron Palawan last month. I just came down from the mountains of Quezon from my first ever camping/ backpacking trip while stargazing and attending an indigenous Music Fest! 🙂 Also I registered myself in one of the most exciting events of this year! 🙂 Nothing less than the: COLOR MANILA RUN ! 🙂 

I just could not pass up the chance to attend this once in a lifetime colorful event which will surely be a blast 🙂

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