Paying Your Bills has Never Been This Easy!

nWe all have different types of habits in life whether you’re the OC type of person who runs a tight ship and is always in control of the situation or whether you are more of the balanced type of person who knows how to have fun while juggling her responsibilities everyday.

TBH, I am more of the latter type of person since I have always believed in the mantra of having balance in all aspects of your life. I know how to have fun while balancing it out with the various aspects of my life. However, sometimes with a lot of things running in my mind throughout the day it is inevitable for me to forget some pertinent details unless I schedule it in my planner or use an app to remind me of my upcoming meeting/ workout session.

Who said working out couldn’t be fun?

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PayMaya and Facebook Launch Payment Tools in Messenger

Have you ever felt that you are running out of time? That there are many things that need attending to but you couldn’t accomodate everything all at once since you are pressed for time? I want to do a lot of things. In my dreams I would dream of flying off to a faraway place in a balloon or going deep sea diving with my friends or starting my own enterprise while teaching and keeping my day job as well.

However, it seems like for now it would have to remain a goal or a dream since I still have a lot of things to take care of. In the meantime, I would bask under the sun and enjoy life as it is. 🙂 So just last week we celebrated the birthday of KD’s Dad at Vikings, we all had a great time joking around that in four years he would already be a senior citizen and would be accorded with many benefits like free movie tickets, priority parking in malls and free birthday cakes in Makati. I guess age is just a state of mind.

HIs Dad gamely posed as I took his photo with his mini cake care of Vikings

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PayMaya launches New Campaign to empower millennials in Driving the Digital Economy


Millennials like us have been called many names like entitled, shallow, and self-centered. But we all know that this is not true. There is more to us than what meets the public eye. We have our own passions, were creative and imaginative and most of all we aren’t afraid to take the big leap just to express ourselves. 

People may sometimes misconstrue what I say because I am outspoken most of the time and I make it a point to have my opinion heard especially if I have something to contribute to the table. However, I still give value to the counsel of the years and I do not discount their advice to me since they say that the best teacher is through experience.

So with the counsel of our mentors and our gutsy attitudes I know that we can change the world somehow 🙂 That’s why when I was invited a couple of weeks back to the event of PayMaya I didn’t really hesitate since they would launch their new millennial brand ambassadors and I was stoked to find out who they would be.

Travel is life 🙂 This photo was taken from my recent trip in the shores of Bataan during the long weekend. 

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