Aesthetic Science:My New Aesthetic Clinic Discovery in Makati

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that’s what they always say right? However, with the constant pressure of the times. The expectations for us women are very high, people expect us to maintain a good career for us to carry our own weight and not be dependent on anybody for our daily needs or luxuries. They also expect us to be good daughters to our parents, to have a good education, to be a loving Mom to our kids and to be a good spouse and yet to top it all -off society expects us to look good on the outside and feel good on the inside.

Good thing clinics like these are here in the metro to cater to our needs.

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Diana Stalder Clinic: A Holistic Approach to Beauty

It’s almost the tail end of the month again, I can’ t believe that time really flies so fast! I know that I might sound like a broken record since I always repeat this but its true. It made me more appreciative of the days and the weekends since I get to rest, unwind and do what I love to do which is attending events and blogging.

For some people it might be an added stress for them to construe sentences and write articles during their downtime but for me its kind of therapeutic in a way since I get to dole out my no-filter thoughts and take on the things around me.

So before I go on about my recent adventure to one of the pioneer skin centers that lives for its promise  in making every individual feel more confident with their body as well as enhance their beauty let me first recount how this week had been for me.

Having my hair treated with my good friend Fey last week while she was finishing off her slides for school 

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L’oreal Infallible Makeup Launch

Sorry for the lack of blog posts these past few weeks I guess I have just been too consumed with my other activities going on in my life at the moment so I momentarily put off my writing on hold but I promise to really dedicate more time this year to my blog and in making my content better for my readers. 🙂

So before I ramble on again about other things let me first recount one of the most noteworthy events which transpired last month in the posh halls of Valkyrie.

Me and my friend Laarni enjoying some girl talk after the Loreal event. My makeup stayed put the whole night and I didn’t even need to retouch for 8 hours. Great coverage I must say! 🙂 

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Going Hair Free at Skin House

Being a woman can sometimes be a blessing or a curse it actually depends on how you perceive things. One thing I sometimes hate is the amount of time that we consume trying to make ourselves look attractive. I mean, going to the salon for our monthly hair treatment sessions and mani- pedi moments. Fitting out various outfits in retail stores trying to find the clothes that best compliments our figures, testing various make up swatches just to find the right shade for our skin tone. 

Also when our monthly visitor comes, in my case it is usually accompanied by hunger pangs, mood swings and feelings of being bloated or depression at some point.

However, it is still a matter of perspective right? So you can opt to look at the glass half full or the glass half empty. In my case, I am actually trying to view that glass to be half full instead of the other way around. So despite us women taking a long time to beautify ourselves it also has gains in the long run since it makes you feel good about yourself especially if you look well on the outside, it makes you feel more confident with yourself on the inside.

With that said, monthly waxing sessions for my underarm hairs are usually part of my things to do every month. I usually head off to Lay Bare or to the nearest waxing salon within my location ATM and then get my treatments there. However, not everyone has the luxury of time and some may opt to go for the permanent solution to this recurring issue hence the birth of the Gentlemax Pro Laser Hair Removal 🙂

Me and my good friend Arvin who just came here from Australia for a short vacation. He accompanied me to my appointment that day at Skin House

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Korean Beauty Expert now in PH

I first got enamored by the Koreans or other Asian Beauties when I was in High School. To be honest I wasn’t really the girly girl type back then. I was more of the laid back, chill girl who loved adventure and anything that came in her way. Not much of that had changed through the years I guess cause I’m still as curious as a kid with the world and I love to learn and discover new things that come my way especially when it comes to make up and skin care since I like going to various adventures and road trips I also have to take care of my skin as well knowing that the sun’s UV Rays can cause irreparable damage to our skin.

Me and my officemate Kath doing a car selfie during our tree planting event in Bulacan last week. The weather was really hot back then good thing I packed in my sunblock to keep me protected.

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Transformation of apparel shopping experience now in the Philippines

For the fashionistas out there, gone is the time when you had to literally pick up the clothes you like from the rack and then line up at the fitting room just to try on your chosen piece. It’s a tedious shopping task, especially during sale or payday seasons.

With the “Virtual Fitting System” or VFS now made available in the Philippines, you can try on any apparel you want and see if it fits your style- all in the name of convenience. VFS creates a representation of your physical form allowing you to select a garment that resembles the shape of your body without literally trying it on.

VFS PR Photo 2.png
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Aqua Mineral Launches First Ever Salt Room in the Philippines

To be honest, I wasn’t really familiar with the brand name Aqua Mineral before maybe since I’m not really a beauty blogger by nature but more of a food and lifestyle blogger  so when I got an invite to the launch of Aqua Mineral’s Salt Room I was really intrigued as to what’s it all about so I googled it up and just right then I was able to connect the dots and identify them as the people going around in malls with booths in Gateway and Century City Mall offering us free trials of their products since I usually window shop on my days off 🙂
Some of Aqua Minerals best selling products 🙂

If you’re a frequent mall-goer, you’ve probably encountered Aqua already. With seventeen locations in Metro Manila and Metro Davao malls, its a brand that’s hard to miss.

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Lazada welcomes Premium HyC150 to its online shopping site

With the advent of social media and all these beauty products in the market. Which one to choose is always the lingering question in our minds? Well, worry not because the answer to your beauty woes is here to stay and what’s even better is that now more than ever it’s made more accessible to us by Lazada! 🙂

Introducing Premium HyC150  which is now available at, the popular online shopping website.


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HealthCetera: Health, Wellness and More premiers this August on your TV Screens

Last Week I was fortunate to be included in the list of Media People and Bloggers to bear witness to Dr. Manny Calayan and Dra. Pie Calayan together with other  powerhouse experts as they launched the newest beauty, health and lifestyle magazine show to air every Sunday on GMA NewsTV Channel 11 entitled Healthcetera.

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Movie Review: Beauty in a Bottle

Everyone is all into beauty these days right? I mean who wouldn’t be? With all those glaring 6 pack washboard abs, taut flat bellies without scars nor stretch marks, porcelain/ alabaster skin, poignant noses, and killer smiles of our favorite celebrities plastered all over EDSA and in our movie screens and social media feeds.

What got me watching this movie is because it actually pokes fun at the deepest insecurities women feel nowadays especially when it comes to how they look on the outside. Is it really superficial beauty that matters? Watch and find out 🙂

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