A Definite Must Watch: Mga Batang Yagit


Ring a bell? That’s precisely because it’s those three words which gave rise to one of today’s most sought after reality TV Shows which aims to discover fresh new talents out there in the goal of eventually making them into bright young stars of their generation and eventually gaining them hordes of fans along the way. (I love this show!)

Blogging for the past 3 months has already given me a lot of opportunities and loads of experiences worth noting. 10 years or 5 years down the line I would never regret starting my first blog post and documenting my experiences on a daily basis. Not only has it given me countless opportunities and “experiences” it has also generated me friends from all over.

I have made friends with some esteemed You Tubers, Food Bloggers, to some fashionable beauty and lifestyle bloggers. Everyone has a story to share, if we only took a moment from our very busy schedule to hear out their heart wrenching stories and be inspired as how they were made to the persons they are now.

Ultimate Bloggers Experience
Ultimate Bloggers Experience

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