A Look back on my 2014

With every passing year new memories, milestones and life experiences that will forever be etched into our memories should be recounted before moving on to another eventful year ahead of you. These memories make us who we are right now since they mold, shape and change us in ways which are not conceivable to some.

A Lookback
A Look back

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One Family at the Cottolengo Filipino

Yesterday was a day worth remembering and will truly be one for the books 😀 I did not only get to make other people smile by helping out, volunteering my time and effort but also learned a lot in the process and I would forever be thankful for allowing me to have this experience.
I did not think much as to what would happen during the course of the day yesterday since I lacked sleep the previous night, My Mom just told me to be up and ready by 5am since we would be embarking to an outreach activity in the hills of Tanay Rizal. I thought it would just be another outreach (You know, the usual drill like when you help build houses for the downtrodden facets of society, or you help and interact with those old, retired and forgotten grandparents in the Golden Acres, or you go to the slums and dole out some goods to help out the flood victims.) But, I was wrong.
Their Family
Their Family

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