Nuvali, Nuvali but You

Our first out of town trip as a couple with my sister tagging along with us since we also wanted her to have fun and have a great time we decided to invite her. We (Me and Krizel) fetched Pat from their place after loading up on some gas first (Hey you have to be prepared for these trips).

Anyway, we headed off to Nuvali since we still had a family dinner around 7pm at my uncle’s place to celebrate Mother’s Day with the family and Pat was also invited! 😀 (Yey!) We left Manila around 10am and since it was already quite late when we headed out we also arrived there a little past lunch already. We were even thinking of stopping over at Tagaytay, however due to the time constraints we decided to just stick it out at Nuvali.

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Beach Adventure: Caramoan Islands

A secret paradise where various islets and islands, rocky formations, caves, coves and fine white sand beaches can be found, that is Caramoan. Untouched. Unexploited. Perfect would be an understatement to describe the experience there. We haven’t done every activity that the island has to offer but the island hopping in itself would be enough to enjoy the beauty of this paradise located at the tip of Caramoan. Experience a diverse marine life culture through snorkeling or scuba dive if you must. Go on a trek or go spelunking and explore the caves.

How deep is your love? Just like the deep blue sea
How deep is your love? Just like the deep blue sea

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