Choose a Guy with the Saktong Pogi Looks! :)

They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder right? So why do girls chase after those good looking modelesque guys with those taut 6 pack washboard abs 🙂 Why not go for those guys who have a great sense of humor? An Intelligent Mind with whom you can have intellectual discourses with and someone with that CONFIDENCE X Factor? 🙂

Before you even widen your eyes and ask yourself if you read it right, let’s clear one thing: “sakto” shouldn’t be taken as synonymous to “average.” Sure, average guys are still capable of attracting certain girls, but the truth is most women aren’t satisfied with the basics. Men being merely pogi isn’t that exciting for them anymore either. “We want more!” 🙂 Comes the clamor of more and more women of this generation.

The poster for that night wherein 4 Saktong Pogi contenders with their wingmen tried to persuade Jinri to pick them and the lucky winner would have a one on one date with her that night at the VIP Table 🙂

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Aqua Mineral Launches First Ever Salt Room in the Philippines

To be honest, I wasn’t really familiar with the brand name Aqua Mineral before maybe since I’m not really a beauty blogger by nature but more of a food and lifestyle blogger  so when I got an invite to the launch of Aqua Mineral’s Salt Room I was really intrigued as to what’s it all about so I googled it up and just right then I was able to connect the dots and identify them as the people going around in malls with booths in Gateway and Century City Mall offering us free trials of their products since I usually window shop on my days off 🙂
Some of Aqua Minerals best selling products 🙂

If you’re a frequent mall-goer, you’ve probably encountered Aqua already. With seventeen locations in Metro Manila and Metro Davao malls, its a brand that’s hard to miss.

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Superdudes by Stevie Nicholson at the Century City Mall

Yesterday I was invited over to witness the Superdudes children’s book creator Stevie Nicholson book signing at the fifth level, Event Center,  Century City Mall.

Honestly, I wasn’t really keen on who the Superdudes were but I was quite familiar with the quirky, colorful and perky group called Hi- 5 since I used to hear them every morning playing on our TV Screens as my brother has such a penchant for these kinds of shows. It was only then when I got to the event that I learned more about this fun group 🙂

The colorful characters of the Hi- 5 Musical Group

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