Xiao Nan Men: A Treat for the Palate

It’s the third week of January 2017 and I missed blogging big time. Sorry I had to put writing to the back burner for the last couple of weeks due to other pressing priorities but now that everything seems almost settled down. I’m going back to my usual routine of watching my favorite Korean dramas and pouring out my thoughts once again in this blog before I venture off again to another adventure. 🙂

So for my first entry I would like to recount the Christmas party that we had last December 2016 with my blogger friends from Team Aldous held at the Z Square compound in Banawe.

Me and these pretty girls from Team Aldous 🙂 Never a dull moment with them 🙂

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Certified Bloggers First Christmas Party at the Victoria Court Suites

With so many events lined up along the way, I have to catch up on my backlog with regards to blogging as I venture off again into another adventure to cap off my 2014 😀 Will post the photos and blog about it soon after. 🙂

To start off this blog post, last week happened to be the very first Christmas party of the Certified Bloggers group which I was cordially invited to by Ms. Sol  (The founder of the group). Lifestyle, Food, Sports and Travel bloggers from all over the Metro gathered together and willed the heavy congested roads of Edsa to celebrate together this momentous occasion spearheaded by Ms. Sol and our sponsors.

Asgard Themed Room
Asgard Themed Room

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