Shopping for the Holidays made easier with Digimall

It’s the season to be jolly!  As November draws to a close and December looms in soon with the flurry of Christmas songs on repeat in the crowded malls. It’s the Christmas season once again! 🙂 

 So for all those people out there who aren’t feeling the Christmas spirit just yet like me we can all change our moods by doing some of our much needed Christmas shopping and mark it as done in our to- do list.

For other people shopping is therapeutic, it gives them a sense of escape from the bustling metropolis filled with stress and Corporate hurdles. However, for other people who don’t really have the luxury of time even though they want to shop until they drop here’s another alternative for you to complete your Christmas shopping in the confines and comfort of your own home with just a click of your finger. Introducing “DigiMall”

Time to get started on wrapping up those gifts for your friends. This calligraphy was done by my friend Kat 🙂 

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51Talk honors inspiring lives of e-Educators

One of my unsung heroes are probably those teachers who have honed us to the persons we are today. Back in the grades when I used to be scolded by my teachers for being so playful and garrulous on various subjects.
I didn’t really see the value in them undermining or reprimanding me. However as time came to pass I now have realized the value our teachers play on society.
We would not be here in the first place without them since most of our values are formed in school aside from the household and they serve as our secondary parents whenever we are in school 🙂 Same as with 51 Talk they gave due recognition to our hardworking teachers last week at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. See the video below 🙂

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