Diana Stalder Clinic: A Holistic Approach to Beauty

It’s almost the tail end of the month again, I can’ t believe that time really flies so fast! I know that I might sound like a broken record since I always repeat this but its true. It made me more appreciative of the days and the weekends since I get to rest, unwind and do what I love to do which is attending events and blogging.

For some people it might be an added stress for them to construe sentences and write articles during their downtime but for me its kind of therapeutic in a way since I get to dole out my no-filter thoughts and take on the things around me.

So before I go on about my recent adventure to one of the pioneer skin centers that lives for its promise  in making every individual feel more confident with their body as well as enhance their beauty let me first recount how this week had been for me.

Having my hair treated with my good friend Fey last week while she was finishing off her slides for school 

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