Saving up on Space? Try these Dining Room Furniture from Our Home

Curating your dining room furniture, can be quite overwhelming especially for those noobs who don’t have any experience in managing a household just like me. Ever since I was born, I used to live with my Mom and Grandmother and they would do all the budgeting, maintenance of the household and changing of all the home decors depending on what season it is of the year. These are just some of those challenges which might faze you once you enter another phase in your life, which is #adulting or when you decide to have a family of your own.

Image from Unsplash
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New Find of the Week: Pazzo Rollio at Robinsons Magnolia

Since I missed Pat and I wanted to see him I drove off to fetch him from his place after I came from work, unfortunately due to the heavy traffic congestion along EDSA we decided to just meet up at Robinsons Magnolia since he also had to drop by there to buy some stuff and I also had to do some last minute errands.

We met at Robinsons Magnolia around 8pm since I was caught up in the heavy traffic and afterwards we decided to eat out and have some dinner since both of us were starving and we also had to do it quickly since the restaurants were all closing in at 9pm. Since mall hours are only until 9pm on weekdays. We were even supposed to grab some yogurt after dinner but Red Mango was already closed before we were even able to purchase. Maybe next time at a more earlier time.

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