Random Adventures this Week. Enchanted Kingdom, Food Trips and Rides

Since I still have a lot of things to do on my  itinerary I will just cut this short and just sum up here most of the events which are note worthy that happened to me this past week of course who better to tag along with me than P.

So here goes the adventures of P and L.

Thanks for the GC!
Thanks for the GC Rue Bourbon!

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Trying out Franco’s for dinner

We decided to try out this newly opened joint in Powerplant Mall called Franco’s. It used to be called Myron’s which was well known for whipping up their signature dishes of oysters and steaks! 🙂 Just hearing about this makes my heart swell with happiness! 😀 Hello steak!

The name has changed to Franco’s as a tribute to their youngest son who passed on a few years back.  Check this out for more details on what happened and how it all started. Looking at the place, it was quite simple and good for a nice dinner/ lunch out with your  friends and family. The place has a homey and casual vibe and feel to it. The place was surrounded by some miniature toys and some wooden robots signifying some of Franco’s favorite artifacts and play things.

Their Menu which came off like a booklet :)
Their Menu which came off looking  like a booklet 🙂

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Sashimi Salad and Chicken Teriyaki at Sumosam

In trying to catch up with my backlog with regards to my blogging duties I decided to post at least 3 write ups today to make up for the last few days that I wasn’t able to post.  Since I will be fully booked for the next coming few weeks with a lot of events lining up my calendar, two shoots along the way, school papers to peruse and submit and also work  duties to attend to.

So here goes another one: Last night, due to the constant downpour and the heavy congestion we decided to while away the time and just have dinner and catch the premiere night of Annabelle the movie.

Before heading off to dinner :) My treat to P :) Yey! :)
Before heading off to dinner 🙂 My treat to P 🙂 Yey! 🙂

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Food Review: Madison’s Bistro Moderne at Edsa Shangrila

With a lot of events lining up my calendar for the past weeks or so I wasn’t able to attend to my blogging duties last week and because of that I will try to make up for it during my off days from work/ school. Yey! Thank you Lord for these days off wherein I can sit back, relax, pamper myself, watch some of my movies on my laptop and attend to various events while catching up on my blogging duties and readings.

I try to fill my calendar with as much activities as possible because as the saying goes “YOLO” or “You only live Once” and you should make the most of your youth trying to explore various cuisines, watching some feel good movies.

Anyway, moving on since P made it to the Dean’s list in Ateneo this Semester (Whohoo! Congrats! 🙂 Awesome job) and also since he recently came back from Singapore we headed out to find a good place to dine. We were supposed to go to Heat in Edsa Shangrila (The last time I ate here was during my graduation) it’s been quite a while already. However after scourging around the different plates and after knowing the price I did not pursue the idea of dining here that night and suggested a more budget friendly alternative instead. (It’s actually 2,500 per head so if you’re planning a romantic date night out with your lady love come in prepared with your cash).

Madison's Bistro
Madison’s Bistro

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New Find of the Week: Pazzo Rollio at Robinsons Magnolia

Since I missed Pat and I wanted to see him I drove off to fetch him from his place after I came from work, unfortunately due to the heavy traffic congestion along EDSA we decided to just meet up at Robinsons Magnolia since he also had to drop by there to buy some stuff and I also had to do some last minute errands.

We met at Robinsons Magnolia around 8pm since I was caught up in the heavy traffic and afterwards we decided to eat out and have some dinner since both of us were starving and we also had to do it quickly since the restaurants were all closing in at 9pm. Since mall hours are only until 9pm on weekdays. We were even supposed to grab some yogurt after dinner but Red Mango was already closed before we were even able to purchase. Maybe next time at a more earlier time.

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Monthsary Dinner at Gaucho

I used to think that the concept of time before was so lame. That I had all the time in the world to grow up when I was a kid, that I would forever be a kid but then again I guess we mature also at some point in our lives and we realize that we weren’t that little girl you used to be anymore. Still cute but not that little anymore. Hihi. 🙂

It’s been almost a year already since Pat and I became acquainted with one another and the more time I spend with him, the more he seems to fascinate me with his wide array of knowledge on various topics. You can talk to him about anything and everything under the sweltering sun and he’s sure to have a reply and won’t come empty handed with answers.

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