Trying Something New at Skin Philosophie

We all need a breather at times especially when life in the Metro gets too stressful that is why we should always remember to appreciate the simple things in life like our family, the fact that we can afford to eat three times a day, the existence of our Corporate Jobs because it accords us the benefits and the finances to survive on a day to day basis and of course our ability to afford a relaxing whole body massage once in a while to soothe our tired muscles.

Having a warm cup of chamomile tea before my massage never fails to set the mood for me to relax 🙂

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My Therapeutic EMS Session from Skin Philosophie

It’s already the second quarter of the year! I can’t believe time flies so fast, soon it will already be 2018 and another new adventure is about to commence but before I get ahead of myself once again and digress from the topic let me first recount one of my recent jaunts this week wherein I finally found a cure/ a treatment for my chronic lower back pain which had been a perennial problem for me since time immemorial cause its been bothering me for way too long 🙂

Excited to try out their beauty and body care treatments

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