Sunday Brunch is now more exciting with Heat SuperBrunch

I love eating out and trying out various new food joints! 🙂 Guess that’s mainly the reason why I became a food blogger in the first place right? From randomly trying out various food stalls and new joints which seems to pop around here and there around the metro to sticking it out with my ultimate favorite food staples like mushrooms and STEAK! 🙂

But of course, I am very much welcome to new adventures and trying out new food joints especially when I get to satisfy my gustatory cravings and when it offers a wide selection of dishes and house specialties to choose from. How can one say no to that? The call of the food is simply irresistible for me so when one of my blogging idols and friends Richie from The Pickiest Eater invited me out for a Sunday Brunch at the HEAT I couldn’t pass up this chance. 🙂 

Me and My Sister during the Sunday Brunch at HEAT

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Get busy and healthy with Healthway Medical’s S.E.E.D. Program

Trivia: Did you know that a person who sit more than 6 hours every day is at risk of acquiring chronic diseases?

Desk jobs and Office Works all day keep us glued to our desks during our 8 hour shift, with reports to submit and deadlines to meet we cannot help but just have our coffee breaks from time to time and munch on some snacks as we dutifully do what is tasked of us forgetting all about exercise in the process. I myself am guilty of this 😦

(See, why it doesn’t pay off to be a couch potato all day long) Get out and stretch those muscles! 🙂

Before work selfie :)
Before work selfie 🙂

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Pag-IBIG Fund partners with Teleperformance for better Customer service

Two weeks ago, I was invited to have lunch over at Edsa Shangrila and bear witness to the partnership of two well known bodies here in the country. Pag-IBIG  and Teleperformance 🙂 the world’s leading provider of outsourced customer experience management services, to provide the housing agency customer service solutions and customer relations management (CRM).


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Food Review: Madison’s Bistro Moderne at Edsa Shangrila

With a lot of events lining up my calendar for the past weeks or so I wasn’t able to attend to my blogging duties last week and because of that I will try to make up for it during my off days from work/ school. Yey! Thank you Lord for these days off wherein I can sit back, relax, pamper myself, watch some of my movies on my laptop and attend to various events while catching up on my blogging duties and readings.

I try to fill my calendar with as much activities as possible because as the saying goes “YOLO” or “You only live Once” and you should make the most of your youth trying to explore various cuisines, watching some feel good movies.

Anyway, moving on since P made it to the Dean’s list in Ateneo this Semester (Whohoo! Congrats! 🙂 Awesome job) and also since he recently came back from Singapore we headed out to find a good place to dine. We were supposed to go to Heat in Edsa Shangrila (The last time I ate here was during my graduation) it’s been quite a while already. However after scourging around the different plates and after knowing the price I did not pursue the idea of dining here that night and suggested a more budget friendly alternative instead. (It’s actually 2,500 per head so if you’re planning a romantic date night out with your lady love come in prepared with your cash).

Madison's Bistro
Madison’s Bistro

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