Pilipinas MindGuru: Offering Excellence Beyond the Classroom

Education is the greatest gift our parents can ever give us, that was the mantra that my Mom and my Grandmother instilled in us as children. They taught us that nothing beats the value of a good education since it would be your weapon to the outside world in surviving all the hurdles life may throw your way in the future.

Growing up, My Mom being a solo parent did her best in giving us the best that she can afford by enrolling us in the best tertiary school near our residence and making us join various summer workshops which would hone our skills beyond the four walls of the classroom. Me and my sister would usually dabble in piano classes, taekwondo, swimming and other Summer Enrichment Programs which can help us not only socialize but also hone our other skills like “Teamwork”, “Coordination”, “Balance” etc.


Mom always made sure that we did not miss out on a lot of opportunities that life gave us so she tried to maximize everything for us even with our scarce resources. 

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Smart targets ‘millennial’ travelers with expanded data roaming coverage in 110 countries

Love to travel and explore? Can’t help but be awestruck when exploring new places you haven’t seen before? Can’t help that feeling of needing to get out every once in a while? 


All of these things are the symptoms of a wanderlust person who loves to travel and explore. 🙂 In my case, it’s making the most out of life while I’m young and expanding my horizons 🙂 However, the most common problem that we are fazed with these days is that when you travel to another country is the bill shock that seems to come along with it.

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Shroff Travel Offers Exclusive Travel Deals Up to 50% Discount on the 26th Philippine Travel Mart

The smell of the green moist grass, the breath of fresh air slowly entering my lungs and the raindrops slowly percolating through my skin as the rain starts to pour on me drenching me with beads of cool, misty water from the skies. I just love adventure! 🙂 Whether it is from the outdoors to the deep blue oceans wherein I get to swim and dive with such acquatic wonders 🙂 Now is the time to travel and go to places 🙂 While you’re young, single and while your finances are still in check 🙂

Exclusive Deals and Travels are now within our reach 🙂

SHROFF TRAVEL Domestic & International Tour Promos for PTM 2015 (FINAL)

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