Wake Me Up When September Ends

The past few weeks had zoomed by like a dream. A lot has already transpired and it’s the BER months once again. To be honest, I don’t really know what to write about first since there are a hundred things coursing through my mind right now. But before I veer off again into other topics let me first recount some of the highlights of my life during the past few months.

My family went up North to the lush mountains of Baguio where we spent the long weekend  

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Welcome the New Year 2015 with a Bang!

A lot of changes will be happening to me this coming 2015 not only in my career, in my blogging life and my eating habits but also in other aspects of my life. That’s a good thing right? Well yeah, I guess because the only way to grow is to be open to various changes and accept the opportunities that come your way right?

Anyway, sorry for not having the luxury of time to update my blog as frequently as before. I have just been preoccupied with a lot of things as of late and due to the holiday season a lot of things had also been going around for me. Not that I’m complaining though 🙂 So without further ado, let me again get started on my next blog post. How I spent my New Year! 🙂 By the way, Happy New Year everyone! 🙂 I hope you had a blast as much as I did! 🙂

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

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Movie Review: How to Train your Dragon 2

Since I was under the weather for the last couple of days because I was really sick and was even rushed to the Emergency room. I was tasked by the Doctor to stay at home and get some rest for me to regain my strength and recuperate so when I get back to work  I will be up and ready to face another day.

So after waking up from my deep slumber for almost half the day and loading up on my medicines, vitamins and liquids. I wanted to while away the time and entertain myself so I decided to watch one of the many movies in my laptop which I haven’t attended to as of late.

I started watching How to train your Dragon part one way way back before in 2010 upon it’s release and I was really enthused throughout the whole course of the movie. The screenplay, animation and the witty retorts from the parties were a surefire way to keep me hooked during the whole 2 hours of the movie.

P and I  started watching it last night before sleep eventually got the best of my senses and then I decided to continue watching it now.  For those who didn’t get the chance to catch a glimpse of this awesome follow up to it’s predecessor “How to train your Dragon 1” Here’s the trailer of the movie. 😀 Happy viewing! 😀

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Celebrating Cassey’s 18th with Photobooth Masters

To be young, wild and free and just enjoy the frolic of the youth is one of the best gifts anyone can have and treasure. Don’t you think so too?

If only I can go back to being 18 again then that would be nothing short of AWESOME! 🙂 However, with age also comes maturity and wisdom in a way. We cannot always be frivolous and just living our lives without a clear and defined purpose. Sometimes, as much as we want to stay trapped in this youthful glory of ours like Peter Pan we have to learn life long lessons and be a better person in the end.

So anyway, moving forward with this blog post we would like to thank our client Ms. Rona for choosing us Photo booth Masters to cover her daughter’s  very posh and sassy Victoria’s Secret inspired event. Her change of gowns were very classy and sleek which even came in with some wings like those from the Victoria’s Secret Angel’s fashion show which garnered loud cheers and hoots from the crowd.

A Night to Remember
A Night to Remember

A Starbucks stall was even positioned at the end of the hallway wherein the guests can have  a dose of their regular caffeine fix or their favorite frapuccino for the young ones. The hallway was adorned also with an ark and a red carpet where the caterers were also placed alongside the photo booth and also placed in line was the event’s organizers table.

The Debutant with her Angel Wings
The Debutant with her Angel Wings


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Where is the love?

With the advent of local television dramas and movies gaining popularity such as: The Legal Wife, My Husband’s Lover, No Other Woman and One More Try. Society seems to poke fun at families being torn apart despite the sanctity of Marriage. I cannot help but think twice sometimes if we really condone this attitude? or have we grown so modern already that we do not put value on our families and instead just follow our own personal desires without giving it much thought.

Happily Ever After? I Do or I Don't?
Happily Ever After? I Do or I Don’t?

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Happy 57Th Tito Mimit!

It was exactly this day: August 16 in the evening only 57 years ago when my uncle was born. He wasn’t really fond of parties much more celebrating his own natal day so we were quite surprised when he invited us over to their residence in Tierra Pura to celebrate his birthday with him and his family.

The birthday boy with his preppy outfit of the night from Uniqlo
The birthday boy with his preppy outfit of the night. I definitely admired his preppy fashion taste

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Mom and Tina’s with My Mom and Thiblings :)

“What started off as a family pastime for a mother and daughter tandem has now developed into a full fledged bakery café business with the aim of satisfying our customers’ cravings for traditional home cooked meals and fresh out of the oven pastries and baked goodies.”

I got this from their website. Since it’s quite a rare occasion that all four of us are together on a weekend (Me, Mom, Krizel and Mikey) because I usually have work on the weekends or Mom has a trip out of town due to work. We decided to head out after much resting at home to bond and beautify ourselves. 🙂 Mom had her hair washed and colored while my sister had her nails treated to a posh manicure while my baby brother had his hair trimmed since he was bored with watching all of us girls pampering ourselves and he was left to his own devices to entertain himself. (Haha! Sorry Mikey that’s one of the perks of living in a household full of girls).

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Happy Birthday Pat

Since it was Pat’s birthday and I wanted to make his day memorable. I planned to mount a series of surprises for him which I couldn’t have done without the help of those closest to him. Thanks to his older sister Ate Niz for helping me with the video clips from their family, to David one of his closest friends for helping me gather up his friends at his crib and letting me surprise Pat by taking him off guard at a very unexpected moment and also to Ms. Ness from Kulinarya for helping me mount the romantic candlelit dinner to cap off the night.

For the first surprise, I managed to be a little “sneaky” and decided to connive with his older sister in creating a video presentation which contained all our photos from the 1st time we met with some clips in between of his family’s message and also one video we had at Yabu. I posted this on June 20,2014 (Sunday in the afternoon) on my Facebook which I tagged him. He was utterly surprised to see that I made something like this sort since I am not really that techie person unlike him. But what touched me, was that he appreciated the effort I put into creating the video.

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Sumosam on a Sunday

This is a late post since I wasn’t able to blog about our dinner at Sumosam last Sunday which also turned out to be Father’s Day due to other pressing matters that took a toll on me and my schedule this week. Anyway, moving on Mom decided to treat the whole family to a Japanese restaurant to celebrate Father’s Day.

I drove out to Robinson’s Magnolia with my siblings since Mom already went ahead to the venue since she already had been out since the morning. We met her there at the venue and decided to order already while waiting for our parents since they took such a long time and my brother was getting quite agitated already at the long waiting time.

Me and sister using the Monopod Pat gave me before we went to RobMag.
Me and sister using the Monopod Pat gave me before we went to RobMag.

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