Filipino Bloggers Network Christmas Party 2016

Being a blogger entails various kinds of things. Some do it for the compensation that it offers, some do it to serve as an outlet for all their innermost thoughts, some do it to make friends and meet new people from all walks of life and some just love to write.

What started as a passion project for me since 2014 has eventually bloomed into something more than what I initially bargained for. Through my blog,  opportunities were opened and people from all walks of life became my friends. It widened my horizons too since I was invited to a couple of new product launches and up and coming hot spots in the metro.

For me, it is more than just getting freebies from your sponsors or brands but it is more of a personal expression. An online diary wherein I can vent what I feel and what I want to say. It is more of sharing my personal thoughts on various subject matters and releasing off some steam when I’m down in the doldrums.

Members of the Filipino Bloggers Network having a group photo after the party.

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