Burger King launches its Four Cheese Whopper

It’s almost the half of the year already. Hello May! 🙂 I guess you really lose track of the time especially if your busy. The first half of the year for me had been quite fruitful from finishing my MBA degree to attending family reunions since my uncles from the States came home after a long time to balancing work duties with my events.

Looking forward to many more changes in the coming months, now that I am officially done with my school I’m pondering on where to spend my spare time. Either I would consider teaching as a part time Professor in my Alma Matter to share my knowledge or go back to school and take up another degree or maybe attend more events and build on my online portfolio and pursue my hobby 🙂

Nonetheless, amidst all of these one thing is for sure I would still continue on attending events maybe not as often anymore since I’m also dabbling into other things as of the moment but for sure I would try to spare time for my hobby 🙂 With that being said, let me recount the recent foodie event I attended in Burger King where  they introduced their new King 🙂 Read on to find out how it all boiled down 🙂

Enjoying my down time by catching up with old friends 🙂 

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Press Release: Jonathan Phang’s Gourmet Getaway

As part of Jonathan Phang’s Gourmet Getaway tour, two lucky Cignal and SkyCable subscribers won an exciting trip for two. The winners were treated to a glamorous three-day train ride aboard the luxurious Eastern and Oriental Express, where they were hosted by Jonathan himself! The trip took them across Singapore, Malaysia, and Bangkok, and included an exciting market tour at Kuala Kangsar, plus a special dinner specially prepared by Jonathan and the train’s executive chef, Yannis Martineau.

Jonathan Phang 23

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TAlKaBOut Fitness: Sports Nutrition 2014

I’m not really keen on what I eat this past few weeks or so especially with the advent of all the food tasting sessions and foodie meet ups I frequent nowadays. Not that I’m complaining 🙂 I’m really thankful to God for all these blessings He has generously bestowed upon me and I do my best to keep myself updated by reading more and attending more events. Yey! 🙂 However, I presume that all those calories I ingested from my usual foodie sessions tends to take a toll on my health and my overall well being as evidenced by my significant weight gain since I last weighed in on the scale and I feel more sluggish and sleepy as of late. 😦
TAlKaBOut Fitness
TAlKaBOut Fitness

Good thing having friends who are health enthusiasts come in handy especially during these trying times for my weight and my dangerously going overboard eating habits. Last week I was invited by one of my blogger friends Tonette from The Health Junkie who is a staunch advocate of good eating habits and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Random Adventures this Week. Enchanted Kingdom, Food Trips and Rides

Since I still have a lot of things to do on my  itinerary I will just cut this short and just sum up here most of the events which are note worthy that happened to me this past week of course who better to tag along with me than P.

So here goes the adventures of P and L.

Thanks for the GC!
Thanks for the GC Rue Bourbon!

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Food Review: Rustan’s Gourmet to Go

Since school is officially back again in my calendar! I had to catch up on my readings and do some home works already. Goodbye again social life! Hello to another three months of lectures, group works, late night brainstorming sessions with a cup of black coffee in one hand to keep me awake until the wee hours of the night and a bag of chips on another hand to help me think while I’m typing my report on my laptop.

I was feeling a bit quite under the weather lately, perhaps it’s the increased congestion on the roads every single morning when I wake up or perhaps it’s the fluctuating weather conditions. Whatever it is, nothing can put me into a good mood again than having a hearty meal while conversing about our due papers with P.

We headed off to the ground floor of Powerplant Mall inside Rustans to look for the Gourmet to Go.

Gourmet to Go
Gourmet to Go

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SLICE at the Fort

Another food trip down memory lane, in this case down the Bonifacio High Street Lane. We came across this new joint which happened to be a brainchild of Senator Pia Cayetano called “Slice” it advocates healthy dishes (Except for their desserts)  perhaps since she is a triathlete on the side, one of the many hats she wears.

Their Logo
Their Logo

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Belting it out at Good Times Videoke

Good Times is the place to go for entertainment, a cigar, beers, or a bite with your buddies after work, after a movie, during a hot date, or just because you wanna go out on a nice day.  This is certainly a centrist joint, a community-oriented spot, a place with something for everyone.

Hi Teddy. One of their displays in the room which was cute however it took quite some space in the room that we weren't really able to freely move around
Hi Teddy. One of their displays in the room which was cute however it took quite some space in the room that we weren’t really able to freely move around
Good Times Logo
Good Times Logo


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Happy 57Th Tito Mimit!

It was exactly this day: August 16 in the evening only 57 years ago when my uncle was born. He wasn’t really fond of parties much more celebrating his own natal day so we were quite surprised when he invited us over to their residence in Tierra Pura to celebrate his birthday with him and his family.

The birthday boy with his preppy outfit of the night from Uniqlo
The birthday boy with his preppy outfit of the night. I definitely admired his preppy fashion taste

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