Gain that Confidence Back with a reliable Shapewear from Adam and Eve

Whoever said getting pregnant doesn’t weigh you down? Well maybe for a lucky few who doesn’t really experience that much of a weight gain as they carry another human being in their wombs for the next 9 months. But for those regular mortals like me and you, losing that post-partum weight isn’t at all that easy as 1,2,3.

Giving birth to another human being can sometimes take a toll on your body especially if you aren’t sporting a healthy and active lifestyle from the get-go.
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Sweet Bella at Burgos Circle

Well hello there! 😀 It seems that my day off from work is already coming to a close and tomorrow is another brand new working day! 😀 Whohoo! 😀 Which entails that I must hit the sack soon to catch up on my much well deserved R&R but before I do that I will post another one of our recent food trips to decrease my blogging back log and also to share with you my experience about this new joint we tried. Woot Woot! 😀

So moving on, since I had work that day P and I decided to meet up at the Fort and have dinner since I was also going to drop by the Fort after work because I would have my hair trimmed for a few inches (chop, chop) and also get my well deserved pampering session since I recently received a coupon from David’s Salon which entitles me to a haircut with a free massage and hot oil for only 300 bucks 😀 Cool right?

So to make the most of this opportunity I decided to avail of it. Thank you to our sponsors 😀 Yey! 😀 The other day I got a free make up session/ free make over from Wet and Wild cosmetics along with their talented Hair and Make Up artists :D. Meanwhile my friends Kat and Jallin got their nails painted in a very vibrant pink tone. 😀

Me and Jallin
Me and Jallin

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Trying out Franco’s for dinner

We decided to try out this newly opened joint in Powerplant Mall called Franco’s. It used to be called Myron’s which was well known for whipping up their signature dishes of oysters and steaks! 🙂 Just hearing about this makes my heart swell with happiness! 😀 Hello steak!

The name has changed to Franco’s as a tribute to their youngest son who passed on a few years back.  Check this out for more details on what happened and how it all started. Looking at the place, it was quite simple and good for a nice dinner/ lunch out with your  friends and family. The place has a homey and casual vibe and feel to it. The place was surrounded by some miniature toys and some wooden robots signifying some of Franco’s favorite artifacts and play things.

Their Menu which came off like a booklet :)
Their Menu which came off looking  like a booklet 🙂

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Random food bites from Kulinarya and Magnum Cafe

We’ve been frequenting Kulinarya Kitchen in Rockwell a few times already this past year due to the affordable meals and also due to the discount price that they automatically append to our bill whenever we dine there. (Thanks Miss Ness!). Also their staff are very cordial and amicable they are very attentive to our needs never leaving us waiting for long.

Kani Salad
Kani Salad


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Food Review: Madison’s Bistro Moderne at Edsa Shangrila

With a lot of events lining up my calendar for the past weeks or so I wasn’t able to attend to my blogging duties last week and because of that I will try to make up for it during my off days from work/ school. Yey! Thank you Lord for these days off wherein I can sit back, relax, pamper myself, watch some of my movies on my laptop and attend to various events while catching up on my blogging duties and readings.

I try to fill my calendar with as much activities as possible because as the saying goes “YOLO” or “You only live Once” and you should make the most of your youth trying to explore various cuisines, watching some feel good movies.

Anyway, moving on since P made it to the Dean’s list in Ateneo this Semester (Whohoo! Congrats! 🙂 Awesome job) and also since he recently came back from Singapore we headed out to find a good place to dine. We were supposed to go to Heat in Edsa Shangrila (The last time I ate here was during my graduation) it’s been quite a while already. However after scourging around the different plates and after knowing the price I did not pursue the idea of dining here that night and suggested a more budget friendly alternative instead. (It’s actually 2,500 per head so if you’re planning a romantic date night out with your lady love come in prepared with your cash).

Madison's Bistro
Madison’s Bistro

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Food Review: Mamou

Since both our classes came to a close and since we wanted a good night cap before heading home we decided to eat to our heart’s content at Mamou. I have heard a lot of reviews about this place and my cousin even said that their steak was one of the best he has ever tasted so we wanted to try out the place and what they had to offer.

The waiter took notice that I was taking some photos of their Menu and he asked if I wanted a copy of their Menu. He was nice enough to hand me over a photocopied menu of their specialties so I wouldn’t have to contend with the hassle of taking various shots of their Menu. (Plus points for the service!).

Photo collage from my Instagram about this food trip.
Photo collage from my Instagram about this food trip.

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Food Review :Pancake House Rockwell

After our classes came to a close I decided to wait it out for a few minutes until P also finished off his class since he is already in his final stretch of his MBA and is now working on his Term Paper while I had just finished off an educational learning session on Human Resources and Management wherein our Professor tasked us to read  and peruse a couple of chapters in the bulky book. (Ah the life of a student!) haha. 😀

Photo collage I made from our Pancake House night
Photo collage I made from our Pancake House night

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Food Review: Soi Thai Cuisine

Because we love trying out new things and were a little bit on the adventurous and experimental end with regards to the food we intake. We make it a point to try at least one new thing/ adventure/ restaurant (whether it’s fine dining/ hole in the wall/ budget meals) as long as it presents something new to our palette at the end of every week or once in two weeks at least.

We wanted to try something new this time around as usual and since we have already had a taste of the following cuisines: Mediterranean, Chinese, Filipino, American, Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese. We decided to give Thai Cuisine a taste so that ended us up in Soi:  A Thai Restaurant in Greenhills.

Their Name and Logo
Their Name and Logo

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Food Review: Kitchitora Ramen

I was already up and about at 8am in the morning last Saturday August 30,2014 since our Freshman Orientation was about to take place in school and in the afternoon I eventually ended up  helping in facilitating the games for the newbies by standing as one of their Marshals in their Amazing Race contest.

It’s always a refreshing twist whenever there are games like these which get your mind thinking, your adrenalin pumping and your people skills working. When I had my orientation seminar in the afternoon 2 semesters ago we had this cheer leading contest wherein you had to make a hymn and also make up customized lyrics depicting how proud you are to be an Atenean: A Blue Eagle geared toward soaring to greater heights, we managed to eventually produce and execute a song and dance number to the tune of Pitch Perfect’s: I Saw the Sign. We also made some balloons in the shape of an eagle and our guy team mates lifted off one of our classmates who played the role of our eagle.

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SLICE at the Fort

Another food trip down memory lane, in this case down the Bonifacio High Street Lane. We came across this new joint which happened to be a brainchild of Senator Pia Cayetano called “Slice” it advocates healthy dishes (Except for their desserts)  perhaps since she is a triathlete on the side, one of the many hats she wears.

Their Logo
Their Logo

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