How do you Remedy Stress?

Too stressed to get dressed? We all have various ways of handling stress in our daily lives. Some people opt to go out and eat to their heart’s content, some people are like me who indulges in deep tissue massages to unwind while some pore all their feelings and emotions into their blogs or Social Media Accounts to rant about the stresses they continuously face on a daily basis.

Me hitting the gym after a full day at work with my girl friends

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Light Up your Christmas with Healthy Options

Regrets. In life we would always have these, whether it is regrets about this guy who got away, your body weight due to unhealthy eating and incessant snacking on sweets and junk food, events that you missed out on because you were too busy or relationships with your friends and family which were severed along the years and have caused so much tension between both parties that none of you wants to ever see each other again.

What I have learned in my 20 something years of existence in this world is that regrets and sulking won’t do you any good. You can cry, scream at the top of your lungs, run as fast and as long as you can or you can vent out your emotions in writing 🙂 But what matters most is what you do after. How do you move forward? The way to deal with these types of regrets is to learn your lessons, pick up yourself and never look back. There is no point crying over spilled milk, what is done has been done. Life goes on and people move on. So just keep swimming in this journey called life.

You just need to keep your mind on the goal and just move forward. Everything will pan out in the end, just have faith. 

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My Organic Haircolor Experience with Herbatint

It’s a Monday once again! Time to start the daily grind and be productive once again! I felt like the weekend just breezed by me and that I need one more day between Saturday and Sunday to laze around and do my other things that need attending to like updating my blog. 🙂 hehe. Guess I just need to master the art of time management really well. :)

Anyway, the past few weeks had been a blur of activities for me from reading self help books to meeting up with my friends who will be my future business partners in this new endavor that we are about to undertake to working at my day job from Monday to Friday. There just never seems enough time. 😦 But despite my schedule being loaded I have to manage to find time to touch up on my roots and get my much needed facial since you should never forget to pamper yourself once in a while.

Me meeting up with my friend Jel to discuss our plans after my roots got touched up:) So excited for this project to commence 🙂

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