Of Headlines and Updates

I haven’t updated my blog for about 5 days already due to my continuous working days and also balancing this with some readings for school, jogging around the grounds of the Fort and mostly focusing on nourishing myself and becoming a better version of myself by reading some self help materials, opinion pages in the newspaper and also by being more conscious with the food that I intend to intake. I try to eat more healthier now by adding more of the greens, more fruits and less of the rice and carbohydrates in my meals.

Looking forward to a healthier lifestyle

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Food Review: Rustan’s Gourmet to Go

Since school is officially back again in my calendar! I had to catch up on my readings and do some home works already. Goodbye again social life! Hello to another three months of lectures, group works, late night brainstorming sessions with a cup of black coffee in one hand to keep me awake until the wee hours of the night and a bag of chips on another hand to help me think while I’m typing my report on my laptop.

I was feeling a bit quite under the weather lately, perhaps it’s the increased congestion on the roads every single morning when I wake up or perhaps it’s the fluctuating weather conditions. Whatever it is, nothing can put me into a good mood again than having a hearty meal while conversing about our due papers with P.

We headed off to the ground floor of Powerplant Mall inside Rustans to look for the Gourmet to Go.

Gourmet to Go
Gourmet to Go

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SLICE at the Fort

Another food trip down memory lane, in this case down the Bonifacio High Street Lane. We came across this new joint which happened to be a brainchild of Senator Pia Cayetano called “Slice” it advocates healthy dishes (Except for their desserts)  perhaps since she is a triathlete on the side, one of the many hats she wears.

Their Logo
Their Logo

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